100 UNCOMFORTABLE QUESTIONS in 5 MINUTES! 😱(100% honest)🔥| Natalies Outlet

28-Okt, 2019
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Hi Outties! I'M BACK from Bali & more excited than ever! Today I wanted to do a fun tag called the "100 Questions in 5 minutes" You guys asked me spicy questions so today I'm being 100% HONEST! Uh-Oh! Thumbs up if you enjoyed these more chatty video! I luv you!
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Comment below which one you think was the lie? 😏

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5-minute crafts ;)
& YOU!!!! no seriously YOUUUU! :)

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  • Hi Outties! ✨Comment below which one you think was the lie? 😏 I wanted to do a more chatty sit down video, I hope you liked it! Tag below what other UZworldr should do this tag! 💖& I tag YOU!!! Seriously, go do this, it's so fun!

    Natalies OutletNatalies OutletYil oldin
    • the one were you cheated on dennis @collins Key

      Carmen GonzalezCarmen Gonzalez3 oy oldin
    • Do a video on your car crash and what happened and stuff

      Tony PluharTony Pluhar6 oy oldin
    • H

      albertsratalbertsrat6 oy oldin
    • Natalies Outlet hi

      Charlie NicklinCharlie Nicklin7 oy oldin
    • She doesn't have beef with anyone.

      Psycho YanderePsycho Yandere7 oy oldin
  • I love her laugh... it just sounds so real. idk lol :)

    Abigail HolzerAbigail Holzer2 oy oldin
  • You wated for marriage

    Rebecca AyersRebecca Ayers2 oy oldin
  • Lol I feel bad she made this before covid she had noooo ideaaaa 😂

    Everything in 3Everything in 33 oy oldin
  • Hype video haha

    Tali WTali W3 oy oldin
  • Super happy because of your mood. ♥️ Looks like a goregous retreat

    Tali WTali W3 oy oldin
  • She said she was a virgin until marriage but in her chest surgery video (which was before her marriage) she said "I no longer had the desire to have sex" That is a 100% lie

    Fox LifeFox Life4 oy oldin
  • 4:25 YES THAT CONFIDENT QUEEN ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    honeyhoney4 oy oldin

    Gracelynn FregiaGracelynn Fregia4 oy oldin
  • That was cute 😄❤😂😂

    Nat yangNat yang4 oy oldin
  • Haha...😂

    Sevin DilnethSevin Dilneth4 oy oldin
  • Please read the messages from independent_arianna on instagram🥺

    Arianna LueArianna Lue4 oy oldin
  • Hopefully the people Natalie tagged in her description box can see it and can do this video next 🥺😎

    Kxhadijaxx XxKxhadijaxx Xx5 oy oldin
  • You don't like cats??? Cats are my life so I'm really sad😿

    Grethe GGrethe G5 oy oldin
  • Your such a happy person like omg I love it

    adriana chene'tadriana chene't5 oy oldin
  • Love

    Atimnkese NkpubreAtimnkese Nkpubre5 oy oldin
  • I like how she is open to us and not like if she was pregnant she would be like oh I had a baby unexpected

    strawberry cowsstrawberry cows5 oy oldin
  • I wish they’re were more questions about her being a Christian

    Morgan MurphyMorgan Murphy5 oy oldin
  • #natificationsquadddd

    Aizah YaqubAizah Yaqub5 oy oldin
  • 2:24 why was this so funny HAHAHA

    Hello FriendsHello Friends5 oy oldin
  • When she said yes to doing a video with an outtie for a second I thought she meant like a belly button outtie 😂🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️I’m so dumb

    MarisaMarisa5 oy oldin
  • :D

    hxneybee !hxneybee !5 oy oldin
  • Natalies! do you like to kiss with Dennis

    Shiby SunnyShiby Sunny5 oy oldin
  • Doesn't she look like Lexi Rivera?? Like her eyebrows and eyes

    Riya ShrivastavaRiya Shrivastava5 oy oldin
  • Have you ever cheated on denis Natalie: ...no

    Lucky LivLucky Liv5 oy oldin
  • I loveee uu

    gingrbuenogingrbueno5 oy oldin
  • Omg i'm from Indonesia

    G&G's ChannelG&G's Channel5 oy oldin
  • You didn't wait til marriage

    Mood SwingsMood Swings6 oy oldin
  • Dennis - Do you have any beef with any UZworldrs? Natalie - Yes Me - I think we all know who that is **cough cough** 5 min crafts

    SiriSiri6 oy oldin
  • natalie is the most unproblematic youtuber oml i love her 🥺

    tianna ötianna ö6 oy oldin
  • i haven’t watched you since you hit 2 million....oops.

    lizzy mlizzy m6 oy oldin
  • i haven’t watched you since you hit 2 million....oops.

    lizzy mlizzy m6 oy oldin
  • 4:56 Idk why I feel like she lied on the virgin question Because I watched a video of hers this year and she said she just took her faith (Christianity) seriously this year so...idk

  • i’m so happy to see a couple who waited till marriage, it’s so rare nowadays

    Kasidee RobertsKasidee Roberts6 oy oldin
  • 5 minutes! 7 min vid: uh..

    Cookie.the. hamCookie.the. ham6 oy oldin
  • You’re pregnant!!

    Unique KowalUnique Kowal6 oy oldin
  • plot twist: the lie was the last question

    Tina & LydiaTina & Lydia6 oy oldin
  • wiat when did you start eating raw vegan?

    pee wee hermanpee wee herman6 oy oldin
  • Why do people need to new her sexually life like that is sooo gross

    Moonie BuildsMoonie Builds6 oy oldin
  • I think she lied in the question that said "did you lie in any of these 100 questions?" She said yes but I think it was really a no. She trying to trick us but I figured it out 😏

    Sorna RamuSorna Ramu6 oy oldin
  • Why you lie to us😭

    It’s the tea MasterIt’s the tea Master6 oy oldin
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Makeup Magic by KynMakeup Magic by Kyn6 oy oldin
  • i love you so much youre such an inspo.

    Kylan WrightKylan Wright6 oy oldin
  • How dare you not like cats :(

    _eliahblossom__eliahblossom_6 oy oldin
  • Maybe she lied about the last question!!!😂

    Every DayEvery Day6 oy oldin
  • Ig she lied on the question about school... The "were u organised in school" ... And she was like... Nnnyesss. Or maybe "you hate cats"... Cuz she doesn't uk HATE them.

    Jasleen KaurJasleen Kaur6 oy oldin
  • Plot twist: *she lied about lying*

    Brookie-Chan!Brookie-Chan!6 oy oldin
    • So shes telling the truth??

      Charlotte WanlessCharlotte Wanless6 oy oldin
  • Love you queen ♕

    lovely astethiclovely astethic6 oy oldin
  • Hi Natalie, I love you so much! You are my fav UZworldr and I watch your vids ALL the time!

    SamyukthaSamyuktha6 oy oldin
  • unproblematic QUEENNNN

    angelique delagarzaangelique delagarza6 oy oldin
  • Cringe

    MNme16MNme166 oy oldin
  • Click bait ⚠️ not uncomfortable questions :/

    Mikaylah PfeifferMikaylah Pfeiffer6 oy oldin
  • I don’t hate her but I just wish more grown up

    Clara Eliza11Clara Eliza116 oy oldin
  • I wish u had a baby u would be such a good mom 👁👄👁🥺

    Simply ambxrSimply ambxr6 oy oldin
  • i love how you actually answered the questions that were on the thumbnail

    MacyllpughMacyllpugh6 oy oldin
  • 2:24 that laugh so cute

    Faiza AliFaiza Ali6 oy oldin

    Life of WendyLife of Wendy6 oy oldin
  • Im so sad u don't like cats

    Rose FrankRose Frank6 oy oldin

    tathir punjatathir punja6 oy oldin
  • some person : *if you weren’t married would you date a girl* Natalie : *nOo*

    peachyrosepeachyrose6 oy oldin
  • awww her laugh is so adorable

    Regis DeperyRegis Depery6 oy oldin
  • Does anyone have a stool softener...I’m watching this while in the toilet & it’s just hard and not coming out 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Gracie's WorldGracie's World6 oy oldin
  • But wich youtuber thooo

    hihi6 oy oldin
  • My stuttering ass could never read the questions as fast as Dennis 😩😩😔

    Ava LoftAva Loft6 oy oldin
  • anyone else a new youtuber lol subscribe to my channel

    Helina YHelina Y6 oy oldin
  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lol

    Lauren FeagleLauren Feagle6 oy oldin
  • Me watching this in quarantine: Her:”we just got back from Bali” Me:”WHAT?! The only place I have been is from my room to the kitchen to get 🥘 food...” 🤣🤣🤣😭

    Amber BensonAmber Benson6 oy oldin
  • My aunt looks EXACTLY like u 😆🧐😵

    poppy schafferpoppy schaffer6 oy oldin
  • Annoying as fuck

    Кристияна МитеваКристияна Митева6 oy oldin
  • The last one was a lie, like the last proper one BTW I love you 💕❤️ your videos are so entertaining and I love them

    Anna ZylstraAnna Zylstra6 oy oldin
  • Love your energy

    Taylor CollinsTaylor Collins6 oy oldin
  • I love you so much I have been watching your videos while in staying home since of COVID 19😂it has helped me so much while I’m at home I wish I could meet you one day !!!you are the best !!!stay safe in this time ,btw Jupiter is so cute I just want to cuddle him so much 👌🏻❤️

    Rosie McandrewRosie Mcandrew6 oy oldin
  • I think she lied about lying

    Jasmine DionicioJasmine Dionicio6 oy oldin
  • What is she is pregnant

    Payton DraderPayton Drader6 oy oldin
  • Are you planning to have a a baby in the future

    Malak ElsayedMalak Elsayed6 oy oldin
  • me wondering who she has beef with ..

    natalie guerrero - sancheznatalie guerrero - sanchez6 oy oldin
  • She sounded the most nervous by the questions about sex😂

    A’lydia the I don’t know Vlogs and videosA’lydia the I don’t know Vlogs and videos6 oy oldin
  • Are you pregnant

    madalyn cummingsmadalyn cummings6 oy oldin
  • My anxiety while watching the time go down wondering if she will finish on time: 📈📈📈📈📈

    NobodyNobody6 oy oldin
  • Why can’t I join live chat :(( luv your vids and I subscribed

    Abshiro SaidAbshiro Said6 oy oldin
  • Random but 😂, My first period was when me and my mom and brothers used to be homeless and sleep in our car in Los Angeles,CA and it was the date of July 1st 2019. We were cleaning out our car behind a Big Lots building (because it had a HUGE Garbage can for us to throw away any trash in our car) and I had a little stomach cramp, I thought I just had to take a poop or something. I went to the Big Lots bathroom with my brother ( of course he wasn't in there with me he was outside the door) and I say on the toilet and looked in my WHITE underwear and saw a red spot, I was in my period. I rushed out of the bathroom (washed my hands of course) and I didn't tell my brother anything when I ran out, so if course he thought I was a crazy person just running out the bathroom lol😂. So when I ran out, I ran to my mom and told her secretly that I was on my period, she was so sad because of the homeless situation we were in , but..I was HAPPY because I finally got to get one of those lil baggy purse things and have all my girly stuff in there. After all the commotion my brothers obviously found out because of my mom's big mouth😂. That was basically all, other than that the night was mine, I had Choclate, I've Cream, and Dennys, it was the best day ever to me even though i was sleeping in the car it was a fun experience. To this day I am on my period right now and I am in a shelter.❤

    Alaisha WilsonAlaisha Wilson6 oy oldin
  • I love it when you make videos more like mature and all I don’t know if that’s offensive but yeah

    Ella 12Ella 126 oy oldin
  • Love your videos Natalie ❤️❤️

    Lexi GageLexi Gage6 oy oldin
  • I'm just here to say that her thumbnail pose is the same with her profile😉

    Kaye CardenasKaye Cardenas6 oy oldin
  • Who else wants to see Dennis and Natalie have a child please like if you aggree

    Jasmin GonzalezJasmin Gonzalez6 oy oldin
  • oh snap

    albertsratalbertsrat6 oy oldin
  • I love how she looks so happy 😌💕

    Maria GMaria G6 oy oldin
  • I am sorry but does anyone else really want to know which UZworldrs with?

    Sophie BrownSophie Brown6 oy oldin
  • I just wanted to say I have loved you for agessss and I love ur vids so much!

    frickitsamyxfrickitsamyx6 oy oldin
  • This video gave me anxiety thinking about she won’t make it

    Daisy VegaDaisy Vega6 oy oldin
  • She is so pretty, like wow she is STUNNING

    Georgia RoseGeorgia Rose6 oy oldin
  • I think she lied when she said she lied

    v i o l e t d a n c e rv i o l e t d a n c e r6 oy oldin
  • Hi outtie mom

    jesimae noeljesimae noel6 oy oldin
  • Yes

    Destiny SeymourDestiny Seymour6 oy oldin
  • Have you lied to any of the 100 questions Natalie: Yes Me: she only lied to the last question because she awesome!!!!

    Mariokiller100Mariokiller1006 oy oldin
  • Lesbian woman here girly can u do a period video please the day u start

    Lupe FloresLupe Flores6 oy oldin
  • Omg why are u so cute 😻😻😻

    Safiyah ASafiyah A6 oy oldin
  • I’m from Indonesia 🇮🇩 🤭

    Felicia ALFelicia AL6 oy oldin
  • Ka coba ke jkrt

    Laviosa NadiaLaviosa Nadia6 oy oldin
  • Omg pls come to ireland ❤️

    Grace DoyleGrace Doyle6 oy oldin