25 Beauty Hacks I ACTUALLY Use! (no gimmicks, just facts)

14-Dek, 2019
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Beauty hacks that I ACTUALLY use and are valuable! Thanks to imPRESS Press-On Manicure for sponsoring this video! You can now get 20% OFF using code: NATALIE20 bit.ly/imPRESS_NATALIESOUTLET (literally go crazy on the site, everything is so good!! :) heck, I'm going to use my own code lol
Today I'll be showing you my holy grail products and beauty tips I've learned from models. From shaving, to bleaching my hairy arms, quick gel manicure ideas, soap brows, getting the perfect blended eyeshadow, eyebrow tutorial, DIY threading and girl hacks to make your life easier. These tips are perfect to incorporate in your beauty routine whether thats morning or night routine.
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