7 Strange Amazon Gadgets Under $10 You NEED! Natalies Outlet

16-Apr, 2019
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  • Hi Outties! 💖how do you like the cool hair?! hehe i legit wore this to my high school wacky tacky day and almost got sent to the principles office. like what. i have a lot of stories left to tell you. for more personal stories become an outtie squad member 🌈 uzworld.infojoin

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    • Natalie can you send me the faucet thing

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    • Natalies Outlet #Tea

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    • Can I have the bath light

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    • Love you

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  • If u stop at 11:45 u can see that Natalie looks exactly like a troll! :D It's really cute

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  • Th tea bag #tea

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  • what’s with the cindyloe who hair /cinyloe who is of the grinch if you haven’t watched it

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  • that tea thing is the bomb,me and my mom use it every day for our herbal teas

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  • Anyone watching this I 2021

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  • Ive never had coffee but I hate tea so I think I like coffee

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  • The thing you bought at first was Chinese, I’m Chinese.!

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  • Wait you live in Florida?!???!!??!? I do toooo

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  • Omg I love your hair

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  • who’s watching in 2021? 😁 if so from which country? im from the Maldives 🇲🇻

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    • @Anushka Jadhav hey you are my neighbor 😂❤️

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    • India🇮🇳

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  • #coffee Honestly Bc my mom gives me Ginger Tea and it’s not her, but it ALWAYS tastes TERRIBLE!

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  • Can i have bath colours pls

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  • I used it all the time but then I became allergic to it

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  • I love anything if it invoes food how about you guys

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  • Teammmm tea

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  • When the hell is twenty-twenty over?Twenty-twenty suck,twenty-twenty suck,When the hell is twenty-twenty over?

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  • we lost koby,nearly broke me thank you,RBG,! you inspire me,we got fires some got fired

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  • I'm mad at 2020 this year got ugly and we had to spend it all inside

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  • it is good for my kid she drips all the tme

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  • Team coffee or green or sweet tea

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  • 3:51 if it works but there those tiny leaves just sift the tea before u pour it in the cup and it'll be fine

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  • U want bath light please my snap is Kyhen2005

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  • I guess it needs to be dark to make the bath tub light

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  • 5:59 I think it is going to be a whoop

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  • How does she even get her hair like that!?😂

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  • wow this stuff is so cool! i have 2 that i will mostlikey get its the 2 bath ones the light up underwater light and those drops that chage the bath :) i am super happy that i saw this vid and hope these things work out for me!

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  • When she says do you love tacos me yes!!!!! Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!

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  • I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! I love you’re vids so much #natificationsquad

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  • i kinda want number 7 and the drop bath things i am new

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  • I would love to have product #5 from you

  • I love your videos

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