Aesthetic Ideas for iOS 14! How to Customize your iphone Step-by-Step *FAST/ EASY*

25-Sen, 2020
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Hi! Hope you get creative with these 40+ ideas on how to customize your iphone with #iOS14˙ᵕ˙
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Time Stamps:
00:53 - Step 1: Update Phone
01:11 - Step 2: Declutter
01:34 - Step 3: Look for Inspiration
04:20 - Step 4: Home Screen Formats
05:06 - Step 5: Add Widgets
06:05 - Step 6: Customize
06:35 - Widget Apps
07:07 - My Customization
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Mr. Chase - Wild Cherry -
Cults - 2099 -
Animus Volt - I Was Here -
MYSM - Indie Feel -

#ios14 #widget #apple
Widget Apps:
Widget Smith -
Photo Widget -
Steve the Jumping Dino -
Sticky Notes -
Color Widget -
Launch Center Pro -
A Widget -
Motive, Daily Quotes -
Dawn -
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