✨ aesthetic back to school supplies haul 📓🌈 stationery essentials🖋

12-Avg, 2020
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✨Download these cute self care worksheets✨
⟡ "to-do list" mailchi.mp/4133fc701fd0/todolist
⟡ "daily checklist" mailchi.mp/34baa163d6e5/selflovechecklist
⟡ "stress worksheet” mailchi.mp/9c81672115b2/anxietypdf
⟡ "sleep log" mailchi.mp/1464c44fd54f/sleeplog
⟡ "coloring sheet" mailchi.mp/445b24212346/sweetdreams
⟡ “sleep checklist” mailchi.mp/d7f8a7362993/sleepchecklist
Products mentioned:
Pastel Love
Casetify Hello Kitty - bit.ly/casetifyhellokitty
Polaroid - bit.ly/polaroidfuji
Dotted Book - bit.ly/exceeddotted
Blue Sky Planner - amzn.to/31IOcYP
Prismacolor Colored Pencils - bit.ly/Prismaclr
French Fry Pencil Case - go.magik.ly/ml/zj51/
Highlighter Pens - bit.ly/highlightpen
Productivity Queen 5:47
Magnetic Calendar - go.magik.ly/ml/zj5g/
Magnets - bit.ly/magnets10ct
Latte Sticky Notes - go.magik.ly/ml/zj5q/
Post it Flags - go.magik.ly/ml/zj5w/
Pastel Speckle Pens - go.magik.ly/ml/zj61/
Sugar Paper Planner - bit.ly/spplanner
Jelly Roll Pen - go.magik.ly/ml/zj6f/
Exceed Dotted - bit.ly/exceeddotted
Sharpie Colored - go.magik.ly/ml/zj6o/
Too Blessed to be Stressed 7:34
Weekly Prayer Project - bit.ly/prayerproj
Orange Backpack - go.magik.ly/ml/zj6z/
Tombow Dual Brush - bit.ly/tdualbrush
Papermate mechanical - go.magik.ly/ml/zj7q/
Too Blessed Journal - amzn.to/2DIIZs3
Yellow Daisy Folder - go.magik.ly/ml/zj7t/
Happy Rainbow 9:16
Mildliners - go.magik.ly/ml/zjrw/
Post it notes - go.magik.ly/ml/zjs2/
Post it flags/ highlight - go.magik.ly/ml/zjs6/
Zen Vibes10:50
Tru Red Pens - go.magik.ly/ml/zjsa/
52 List for Calm - go.magik.ly/ml/zjsd/
Moleskin - go.magik.ly/ml/zjse/
Erasable highlight - go.magik.ly/ml/zjsg/
Artsy Babe 12:41
BoogieBoard - bit.ly/2DOkZng
Twintone rainbow - bit.ly/2YawMDJ
Mildliners - go.magik.ly/ml/zjrw/
Color ballpoint pen - go.magik.ly/ml/zjty/
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