ASMR Triggers To Help You Sleep FAST! Crinkles, Tingles & Sleep Life Hacks✨💤

9-Yan, 2021
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where journaling and sleep triggers meet Zzzz :) ⊸S U B S C R I B E want more #ASMR check out these videos:
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  • Hey, I just want to tell you how much I love you sis! Also, if you don't mind me asking, how is your relationship with God recently. Everyone is struggling right now sis, including me that's why I wanted to ask you ❤️God bless you He loves you so much ❤️

    Anastasia ConstantinidouAnastasia Constantinidou3 soat oldin
  • Ngl i actually fall asleep to this asmr and get the most relaxing sleep ever after a long day 😭❤️

    Aqilah KieraAqilah Kiera4 soat oldin
  • Zzzz i'm asleep zzZ

    Lora AlsiyabiLora Alsiyabi4 soat oldin
  • Love ittttt❤

    Animal mysteryAnimal mystery7 soat oldin
  • ✨hi✨ not to be loud but...THIS IS AWESOME

    -winterex Wolf--winterex Wolf-8 soat oldin
  • Oh Em Gee Karina Gracia congratulations I’m very happy for you🥳

    Corina GranilloCorina Granillo8 soat oldin
  • Zzzz i am sleep zzz

    Sunita SaldhanaSunita Saldhana9 soat oldin
  • se le extraña en el 2do canal:(

    abisofimar gaunaabisofimar gauna10 soat oldin
  • Hola hermosa me encanta tu videos

    Angelica villanuevaAngelica villanueva10 soat oldin
  • I’m just casually putting this up to my ear as I lay in my bed waiting to fall asleep lol

    ItzLia TocaLifeItzLia TocaLife12 soat oldin

    Melida AlvarezMelida Alvarez14 soat oldin
  • Natalie on the 22 of January is my birthday and i would mean a lot if you would respond i love you and ive been watching you for 2 to 3 years.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Bruce LumleyBruce Lumley14 soat oldin
  • This looks so fun! I wish I had the time to do something like that. :(

    Madeline OlsenMadeline Olsen15 soat oldin
  • who else wants all of her art stuff lol

    Taylin MohlerTaylin Mohler16 soat oldin
  • Ahhh I just freaking love Natalie voice when she does asmr it makes me fall asleep

    Brianna GonzalezBrianna Gonzalez16 soat oldin
  • she is really good 😍 😙

    Pier Milan ConnorsPier Milan Connors19 soat oldin
  • the notbook is like i want to punch it so hard so it cracks mmmmmmmmmm

  • #natificationsquad

    Claire BearClaire Bear21 soat oldin
  • Were did you get the crinl book

    Cupcake KittyCupcake Kitty22 soat oldin
  • I was going to watch some asmr but i was like let me check on Natalie and her i got both my favorite at one place 😍 asmr and Natalie ❤💜

    s ss s23 soat oldin
  • This was such an amazing video!! Also, really random but I have that same plant as you.

    Karizma SharmaKarizma SharmaKun oldin
  • Hey Natalie can you do a video like "what I do today is what my schedule is for the week" it would be really cool

    -Aesir Gleams--Aesir Gleams-Kun oldin
  • Wow you are superb You should make video on room decoc

    Pooja SharmaPooja SharmaKun oldin
  • natalie my dog is dead i love your vids

    Trish MunsamiTrish MunsamiKun oldin
  • Your are so amazing

    Gaming WorldGaming WorldKun oldin
  • Just what I need @1am during a school night😅🙏🏽

    Lidiya WLidiya WKun oldin
  • pov. you were asleep to natiels ASMR and anadd came and jumped scared you out of your sleep!!! :/

    Aaliyahprincess 619Aaliyahprincess 619Kun oldin
  • Pls do more of these I love them SO MUCH

    Dorilee NobrigaDorilee NobrigaKun oldin
  • You should test product from lush and see if they actually work and claim to do what they say

    Sydney CarrollSydney CarrollKun oldin
  • Natalie you are literally my favorite UZworldr and I can not get enough of your videos thank you, you have made my life so much easier on your beauty hacks and love trying new things/gadgets on beauty busters. You have some of the best advice especially if I’m not comfortable talking to my friends or family 💖😊😌

    Sydney CarrollSydney CarrollKun oldin
  • I need to know where you got those hello kitty stickers

    Madashi-chanMadashi-chanKun oldin
  • I have a Buddha board I got it for Xmas

    Lilah GagnerLilah GagnerKun oldin
  • do more if these types of videos gurl

    miss emmiss emKun oldin
  • I'm in love with this its soo claim

    Rahaf AliwoihRahaf AliwoihKun oldin
  • I fell asleep in the middle of this viedos!! These are so relaxing!!

    Anastasia SmelnitskyAnastasia SmelnitskyKun oldin
  • hey when is the best time to go back to school shopping for next year

    nadia Patinonadia PatinoKun oldin
  • Hi Natalie I really like your videos but can you do girl works and how to deal with anxiety 😥

    Jana 1122Jana 1122Kun oldin
    • Girl hacks I meant

      Jana 1122Jana 1122Kun oldin
  • 𝐕𝐮𝐞𝐥𝐯𝐞 𝐚 𝐭𝐮 𝐨𝐭𝐫𝐨 𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐚𝐥

    Natalia AndradeNatalia AndradeKun oldin
  • Nice cursive

    Olivia SpencerOlivia SpencerKun oldin
  • Im sorry nat, but it’s a no from me... I just really hate asmr it makes me SO uncomfortable, especially when it includes talking! 🤮

    Mia TimpdonMia TimpdonKun oldin
  • youtube hates me i just get the notification and when i check the date it was posted it says jan 9 2021 thanks alot yt -_-

    Samantha Garcia-RodriguezSamantha Garcia-RodriguezKun oldin
  • is ronalisa is your sister

    English & TamilEnglish & TamilKun oldin
    • Rosalina isn't real

      Itz JasmineItz JasmineKun oldin
  • This is amazing can you post a videos fast

    Mariya OutletMariya OutletKun oldin
  • Zzzz..I am asleep zzzz👀 Thanks for the video I went to sleep then my mom wake me up I had work🤭 So satisfying sounds😃😘🥰

    aamena murtazaaamena murtazaKun oldin
  • please do more of Asmar while Journaling

    Habeba MokhtarHabeba Mokhtar2 kun oldin
  • i havent watched u since the back to school vids years ago and here u are! HHIIII

    Khloe's _GamingKhloe's _Gaming2 kun oldin
  • So 🤫

    Sarakvitou MuongSarakvitou Muong2 kun oldin
  • I so quiet I’m like so confuse you’re so quiet quite also so quiet and will let you say I can’t hear you

    Sarakvitou MuongSarakvitou Muong2 kun oldin
  • You’re so quiet I don’t hear you you’re so quiet

    Sarakvitou MuongSarakvitou Muong2 kun oldin
  • Omg! Where are the markers at 15:10 From?

    Moon LolMoon Lol2 kun oldin
  • ✅ done

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  • God bless you ❤️

    Cotton Candy HeavenCotton Candy Heaven2 kun oldin
  • everybody search destiny lukach

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  • Zzz I’m asleep 💤

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  • When you make your next video it would be awesome if you make your next video about the Lord God or journaling tips. I really love your videos keep giving inspirational tips. you inspire me every day.

    Amelia CreachAmelia Creach2 kun oldin
  • Me in a amsr video: 😍 Ad play’s: NOOOOOO! Back to amsr: ahhhhhhhhhh

    lily blily b2 kun oldin
  • How are you so amazing because How is your room so clean how are you like so calming how so you like have energy➖〰️➖💕💗

    xxityyxxityy2 kun oldin
  • I really hope I get it 🥺🤗

    Becky 9091Becky 90912 kun oldin
  • Question: When will you be announcing the lucky subscribers from the giveaway for the supplies

    Becky 9091Becky 90912 kun oldin
  • Hi Natalie!So can you make a video about How To Focus At Online School?I would really appreciate that plus I need that -Thank You!

    Cheryl CandraCheryl Candra2 kun oldin
  • day 7 of asking for a video on how to be confident and self love

    Nata ZNata Z2 kun oldin
  • The tingles and the view ✨ Its wonderful, how 🥺🥺

    Isha MiahIsha Miah2 kun oldin

    Cindy VillaCindy Villa2 kun oldin
  • Tingles 💞

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  • #natificationsaquad

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  • I nearly fell asleep watching this

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  • This was a lifesaver! I always have a hard time trying to fall asleep fast and these REALLY helped! I also watched some of your other sleep related videos and there AMAZING:) love your channel girl

    Soul SistersSoul Sisters2 kun oldin
  • This actually made me fall asleep in my zoom class meeting 🥺

    BethBeth2 kun oldin
  • #natificationsquad

    The fun O Donoghue familyThe fun O Donoghue family2 kun oldin
  • Omg Natalie I have those pastel markers are they midliners

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  • Idk why I’m watching this when I have school soon

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  • #natifcaionsquad

    idogidog2 kun oldin
  • Can I have a shout out please I liked subscribed and I am ur biggest fan PLEASE

    AnastajaAnastaja3 kun oldin
    • Her hand writing ✍️ is amazing man my hand 🖐 writing ✍️ is crap 💩 I writ like a two year old

      AnastajaAnastaja3 kun oldin
  • Omg those washi tapes are like soo cute! Ngl most of mine are actually dog ones..XD

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  • I've had alot of Stress lately cuz My Pet Guppy just gave Birth but The Guppy Ate her baby's(if you don't know If you have a Guppy and She Gave Birth You need to Sperate The Baby Guppy's and The adult if you don't Eventually The adult will Eat the baby Guppy) I got to save 7 baby Guppy's but the next day My pet guppy died so This helped me alot

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  • #natificationsquad !!!

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  • #Notification Squad🤣🤣🤣

  • I love 💕 this vidio

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  • Natalie what the fuck have you done to your notebook its all fuckedup😂

    Houda NifferHouda Niffer3 kun oldin
  • Litterally how I sound at 3 a.m. tryna write down my thoughts

    Spxrkled AmberSpxrkled Amber3 kun oldin
  • its like 2 : 17 in my time

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  • I swear Natalie can be a asmrist

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  • Omg loved the ASMR can you please do more videos like this one🥰

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  • You are my favorite UZworldr 😁😁😁

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  • what do u call do this paper? 4:49? can someone reply?

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    • and this one 5:44

      Genevieve ChloeGenevieve Chloe3 kun oldin
  • ngl the crinkly notebook is really satisfying but I would probably get an anxiety attack if I had that. Actually not an anxiety attack but I would just be very annoyed

    Alyssa the PandaAlyssa the Panda3 kun oldin
  • Me: falling asleep Mark Jacob’s add: DAISY! DAISY! DAISY!

    Biana VackerBiana Vacker3 kun oldin
  • 0:42 I'm sure this is actually a thing but my school book used to look like this when I spilled water on it and it dried XDD Btw Natalie I loved this video!!! Keep on doing ASMR videos girl! It actually helps people a lot!

    Pikachu PokemonPikachu Pokemon3 kun oldin
  • !PRESS ‘READ MORE’ FOR SURPRISE! hi just you wait for this beautiful moral of life. this may sound weird but i would proceed with scrolling. now, are you ready.. for a moral of life? here we go!! 🦧 congratulations! you made it to the moral! now tell me, is this a moral of life or what?

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  • Zzzz I'm asleep Zz

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  • It didnt just help me to also make me dream those stationary heavens🌸

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  • Natalie you should watch the movie called hunger games

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  • ahhh that tape feeling it it feels so good

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  • lol with just the first thing she did made me fall usleep

    Taylin MohlerTaylin Mohler3 kun oldin
  • Please please do a part two love you

    Maddie GraceMaddie Grace3 kun oldin
  • I LOVE her nails, they are so beautiful. Also this helps me go to sleep when I can't!

    Smiley RylieSmiley Rylie3 kun oldin
  • I love your video's!!!! (Especially asmir I have a lot of anxiety and stress) I love you natalie!!❤

    Rebecca VillalobosRebecca Villalobos3 kun oldin
  • day 6 of asking for a video on how to be confident and self love

    Nata ZNata Z3 kun oldin
  • 💖💝💝💝💖💖💖💖💖

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  • natalie plis comback to your youtube chanel in spanish

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