Beauty Busters: I Tried 3D-Printing A Face Mask (WEIRD!)

8-Sen, 2019
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In this beauty busters we are trying the weirdest face masks, from 3D-printing my own custom face masks to trying Sephora's top rated face products. But will it be a woop? To help keep my videos unsponsored THUMBS UP if you enjoyed!
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✨ I Tried The Drip Dye Method! (SCARY!)
✨ I Tried A Nail Art Printer! (CRAZY!)
✨I Tried a Makeup/Skincare FRIDGE! (AMAZING!)

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Safiya Nyggards Video: 3D-Printing My Own Custom Face Masks
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  • Where did you get that stuff?

    Madalyn CraneMadalyn Crane10 soat oldin
  • It on amazon the leg mask

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  • i watch Safiya do it and it turns out better when u do 25 ml because thats what ur supposed to.

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  • Natalie: they had no water at Walmart Me:does she have sink water

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  • her: this fells like plastic surgery. Me:how do you know what plastic surgery feels like.

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  • I found an aloe Vera plant! It was actually on the side of the road while I was walking my dog , my mom named it aloeishes😂 🌱 wish I could lend you some now for your masks😂

    Chelsea MidgleyChelsea Midgley2 oy oldin
  • Honestly I don’t know how I ended up here but I’m not mad at it! I really enjoyed this video and now I’m definitely subscribing!!!!

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    • Aww good luck! I’m here because I can’t sleep and am homesick at my dads house, it’s 1038 pm and I’m anxious ☹️, you got this! If it makes you feel better i changed school half way through the year last year and I had never used technology for school before, except these crappy old ones at my old school and they barely worked anyway. So everyone thought I was super stupid because I didn’t know how to work the chrome books 😞. Even my friend Jhett said “yeah” when I told my other friend , everyone thought I was stupid pat year bc I didn’t know how to use a chrom book. Anyway I was just adapting to my new school when COVID hit and now I’m doing virtual, and I feel like I’m have to start over next year ☹️. Lol sorry, I feel like I’m in therapy writing this down in the comments😂🤦🏼‍♀️.

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