Beauty Busters: I Tried Adhesive Eyeliner! (OMG!)

23-Apr, 2019
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Not sponsored. see you this friday with a new video! love you ♡

  • Hi Outties!!! Happy Tuesday ✨Sooooo excited for todays beauty busters + for the GIVEAWAY! 💖love you guys so much! Going to be replying to my #natificationsquad 😇

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    • Natalies Outlet I want it but my parents don’t let me download nor twitter or instergram

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    • This would be a dream if she read my comment. Lysm Natalie.( please say hi you Jupiter for me)

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    • Natalies Outlet love this it looks amazing ✨😝🤗

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  • I’m half Brazilian

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    • Ok??

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  • Same thing happened to me with the adhesive eyeliner. I was sitting there confused thank you for this video 💗

    PureBeauty101PureBeauty1018 oy oldin
  • I like it! But i wouldnt pay too much, if you can't reuse them ó_ò

    Dewy BeamDewy Beam8 oy oldin
  • Ahhhh I needed this because I wear glasses and when I have them off I can only see like out of one eye good so I struggle doing eyeliner 😭😂😂😂

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  • @bleedingblue #nAtificationsquad

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  • I don't think it is fair to the people that don't have insta and Twitter

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  • I’m shook

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  • "Just wing it." Ha ha.

    Elowen FinleyElowen FinleyYil oldin
  • I feel The thinner one would be better for a more natural look like at school or something wear you don’t want to look like you’re wearing makeup or is that just me

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  • Natificationsquad

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  • For me it is Sunday

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  • Can u reuse ???

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  • I never get the gift

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  • Hey Natalie.I love your channel.I'm new to this whole UZworld thing.Can I get a shout out and maybe a giveaway.Love you grrl

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  • I am done

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  • I. Need a give away cuz never got. One

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  • The stick on eyeliner looks like it was meant for you

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  • Omg I will DIE for the giveaway.

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  • This eyeliner looks sooo naturally drawn😍🔥

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  • Where can I get those exact ones? you didnt leave a link :(

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  • do more makeup stuff (I LOVE NATALIE

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  • I watch ur videos all the time

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  • Wow

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  • Love the vid!! Keep up the GREAT work!!!!!!!

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  • Guys lets suprise natalie with 100k like atleast. she deserves it

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  • Me please

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  • Whatched, love you❤️

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  • One of my favorite videos❤️

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  • I dont have twitter😥

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  • #nataficationsquad I dont do makeup but your videos are just so interresting no matter what they are

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  • Ugh my school do not allow makeup and wearing home clothes :((

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  • Love you

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  • Wish I win I already subscribe and also like and also I turn on Notification bell

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  • Love you

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  • What are the eyelashes you use?? I’ve been trying to find some good ones but nun of them be working 😂

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  • #Fiveminutecrafts

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  • I don't have twitter 😩 Ughhhhhh Like if u don't have it 👇🏻

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  • Leave a like if you wish you were allowed to put on makeup

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  • You are so lucky you get to wear eyeliner I am only 9 so I can only were lipstick mascara and blush I wish I could put on more like how grown ups do

    Gabriela MendietaGabriela MendietaYil oldin
  • I don’t think she realized she said a pun when she said “just wing it”

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  • This is how many times she said "Lashes" ⬇️

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  • #natifacationsquad I don't have Twitter so I hope I am in

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  • I'm going to buy these for the first day of school

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  • Haha wing it..get it

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  • Pleas get math book ipd

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  • I luv YOU so much and I have been watching since 4 MILLION subcribers! no offense but I feel old anyway GOODLUCK EVERYONE IN THE GIVEAWAY!

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  • Natalie subscriber hug!!! | | | ⬇️

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  • All I want in the giveaway is your merch!!! I've been *dying* to get one, but the thing is I don't have the money to have one... ☹

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  • I love ya videos

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  • What lashes are those?

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  • Love ya!

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  • #natificaation . BEST channel EVER

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  • you are so beautiful and so inspiring 😍

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  • So awesome! Omg 😍 (alexandra__priv)

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  • you still look pretty though the way you are

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  • Thank you give me the switter please 😊😊🙂🙂

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  • Donee!💞🤗

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  • I can’t cause I don’t have any of the sites to enter the challenge 😭

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  • Love you natilie I’ve watched all of your videos 😀😁

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  • I love watching u so much I watch u every day all day I'll even watch them over and over again hopefully I can be apart of that hug

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  • The people who thumbs down the video, probably raged and messed up the eyeliner packet

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  • Only a few subscribers to go until 8 MILLION!!! Well done, you've gone so far! 😁😘

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  • You look like your going out on a red carpet

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  • Im shook

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  • Natalie you have been a role model to me since 2016! You are the best youtuber in the whole world. I follow on insta @yusra_aka_theboss. Im hoping that i win the macbook air

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  • Amaaaaaaaaazing

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  • I looooove ur videos

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  • Hi Your beautiful

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  • excited for the giveaway 😍

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  • Im shook

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  • Hey Natalie !!! I love you, you are the best !!! Like if you love natalie !!!

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  • You are such an inspiration for me! Love you 💜 Natalie!

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  • I hope I win!?

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