✨aesthetic back to school supplies haul 📓🌈 stationery essentials🖋

2-Yan, 2021
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OMG! Prepare to be amazed with all these cool back to school supplies you need to try this school year! 📓🌈 A huge thank you to Fabletics for sponsoring this video! Get any 2 bottoms for $24! www.Fabletics.com/NataliesOutletYT #fableticsambassador
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  • Happy Saturday Outties!🌈 I hope you enjoy this video + giveaway!✨ What videos do you want to see from me this 2021? 🙂 Comment your suggestion here 👇🏽

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  • Hi Natalie, I absolutely lovee your channel!! My favourite video is how to aesthetic bullet journal for beginners and 24 hours lockdown in my art room! I live in England and my email address is milliehastie@icloud.com Stationary is my life and it would mean the world to me if I won this voucher as it would be a birthday present from you!! Hope this finds you happy and well, Sending lots of love and support Millie x

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  • Hi Natalie, I absolutely lovee your channel!! My favourite video is how to aesthetic bullet journal for beginners and 24 hours lockdown in my art room! I live in England and my email address is milliehastie@icloud.com Stationary is my life and it would mean the world to me if I won this voucher!! Hope this finds you happy and well, Sending lots of love and support Millie x

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