DIY Hair Hacks Every LAZY PERSON Should Know! Quick & Easy Hairstyles for School!

6-May, 2020
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Best hair hacks and hairstyles you should know for school when you're feeling lazy! GET THIS VIDEO TO 100,000 LIKES!!! 🌈
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    • Hi

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    • I need your haircare HACKS!!!! ITS BOOTIFauL !!!! 😱 ✨ Xd ✨

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  • and twisty gadget

    Andy EstradaAndy Estrada8 kun oldin
  • i wont fake it and bun fun i looooooooooooooooooooooooooove you you make my day soooo much better i love your videos

    Andy EstradaAndy Estrada8 kun oldin
  • I love Natalie so much she is so nice and cute and her dog too I love that she has so many worksheets and she is so funny

    Vaishnav VipinVaishnav Vipin12 kun oldin
  • i love your videos😘❤ #natificationsquad

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  • Hi i am a big fan i Subscribe and notifications on and i love the school things i wish i can have one i never have one may i have one please if that no its ok and i follow the vlog

    Itsjuna _71Itsjuna _71Oy oldin
  • I'm always struggle to do my hair

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  • your instagram is so cool . you go girl.

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  • I don’t have Instagram

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  • she looks soo good in everythingg

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  • i love you you bring light to my day natalie

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  • i love your account so much and your so beautiful!!!

    tori stephensontori stephenson2 oy oldin
  • Your smile is like Vanessa's... (V. Hudgens) :)... So cute...

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  • I love your videaows

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  • Go to my channel

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  • Go to my channel

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  • Go to my channel

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  • How do you get the um like work or activity sheets

    Aubrey's WorldAubrey's World3 oy oldin
  • My hair is a PROBLEM I have the kind of hair that’s not super curly but naturally curly enough that I can’t brush it but it takes forever to dry I also have hair that’s too short to braid or put in a bun but not short enough to look cool Like if your hair is hard too 👇👇

    Aster F-TAster F-T3 oy oldin
  • i would like the 3gadget mermaid curls thing becasuse my sister trys to cull her hair evrytime but it doesnt work for her

    sadhana.vsadhana.v3 oy oldin
  • i would like the 3gadget mermaid curls thing becasuse my sister trys to cull her hair evrytime but it doesnt work for her

    sadhana.vsadhana.v3 oy oldin
  • With the fake bangs Natalie looks like Dora!

    Leticia GaleaLeticia Galea4 oy oldin
  • You can also watch UZworld video to do faux bangs without cutting hair or buying faux bangs but just faking your bangs.

    Maria Verdi-BensoadamsMaria Verdi-Bensoadams4 oy oldin
  • I have natural waves and I want straight hair. My waves annoy me. And the volume makes me have to use more then 1 hair tie and my hair ties always break or stretch a lot. It is a struggle for me to have natural waves. I am jealous of those with straight hair.

    Analina VeneziaAnalina Venezia4 oy oldin
  • #Natalie's notification squad

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  • Me : bald Also me: watches the whole vide🤷🤷

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  • Qouting Rebecca Zamalo i see

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  • i want the curlER! #natifacationsquad !!!! love u

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  • you know what sucks i do not have Instagram so most of the giveaways i can't get anything

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  • Me: trying to do some of these hacks Natilie: going as possibly fast as she can but still looking amazing me: ughhhhhhhhh why is this so hard

    Rachel GuinRachel Guin5 oy oldin
  • Those bun ones just tangle my hair lol

    Crystal RiveraCrystal Rivera5 oy oldin
  • #Notification squad

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  • I do not look good in beanies but nat can pull it off

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  • #natificationsquad

    Daphne RamdeenDaphne Ramdeen5 oy oldin
  • I love ur vids They always chear up my day ❤️😍

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  • My mom has the same three curling iron thingy 😄

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  • I’m tryna make the most of my hair rn bcs I’m cutting it off on Friday!! Like short hair. Way short.

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  • Hi

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  • I can’t get Instagram

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  • I just subscribed, I love you natalie.

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  • Hey Natalie I love your hack videos they help me a lot. I hope you give me a shout I have never gotten a shout-out. #natificationsquad

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  • Natalie is so like me hates hair and is lazy

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  • Natalie is so pretty

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  • Hi

    Ruta RenceRuta Rence6 oy oldin
  • You look so cute in bangs! I mean you look cute in everything though!

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  • Just to let you know you accidentally copied your "stress worksheet and labeled it "sleeping log".

    Chao JinChao Jin6 oy oldin
  • All hairstyles: do normal everyday hairstyles and ADD HAIR ACCESSORIES!

    MaryMary6 oy oldin
  • Why are every one of Natalie‘s videos so fun and emotional and I never get old of her ❤️ you Natalie

    Peyton EidePeyton Eide6 oy oldin

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  • The pony tail

    Doglover loves doggesDoglover loves dogges6 oy oldin
  • #natificationsquad

    Mia Gonzalez GarciaMia Gonzalez Garcia6 oy oldin
  • I have very thick hair and I find some hairstyles very hard. Do you have any hairstyles/tips for thick hair (and thin hair) :)

    Erin HarperErin Harper6 oy oldin
  • Sparkly ponytail

    Naiya DoanNaiya Doan6 oy oldin
  • #natificationsquad

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  • Natalie been glowing and looking beatuiful

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  • Races 🖐🏾

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  • I’m gonna use these for my first year of middle school

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  • Omg natalie I'm so sorry 😓😪.....I dont have Instagram if I did I would give you all the lov! #natifacationsquad

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  • HI NATALIE!!!!! soooo here’s the thing. the worksheets that u posted really help me but the anxiety sheet and sleep worksheets are the same thing. are they meant to be like that?

    Jazmyn HorowitzJazmyn Horowitz6 oy oldin
  • I like the colorful ponytail thing its looks soo fun I want one!!

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  • todays agenda: 1) watch natalie's video 2) be lazy :)

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  • This was posted on my birthday

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  • Love u 😍

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  • Hey Natalie!! ✨ I luv ur videos!! 💗 But I couldn't find the link to the curler thing 🥺 #NatafacationSquad ! 🎉 Pls text me back!! 🥺💖 ❤️❤️❤️ *Today's Agenda* 1) Watch Natalie's Videos 2) Be lazy :) ❤️❤️❤️

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  • Before you cut your hair FO NOT USE KITCHEN SCISSORS it is really bad for your hair use hairdresser scissors instead I know because my mum has been a hairdresser for 18 years

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  • Oh I’m sad now I’m not allowed insta and I want to be in the giveaway

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  • I bought the flower crown best thing ever. i love your videos.

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  • Omg it helped so muchhh

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  • There is a hair cruller that takes 5 min and it sucks your hair and after 5 sec! Its done ,it can be done for how Long your hair is like mine is 55 cen long hair i have its vallen babylis curl secret its amazing

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  • Yass!!

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  • I love you natalie

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  • I love how your not following all the big trends your different and that why I love watching you because Zoe Laverne and Charli damelio are always trying to follow the trends

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  • Oh my gosh !!!!!! Your hair looks so flawless on all of the hairstyles!! I knew that regular accessories made me (and everyone!!) look great but I never thought about hair accessories !! Ahhhh I’m so excited !!

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  • #natificationsquad I love u nat

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  • I

    Shadow Wolf VlogsShadow Wolf Vlogs7 oy oldin
  • 5:03 Jesse from full house!?

    Anu The QUEENAnu The QUEEN7 oy oldin
  • I have to do the low bun A LOT cause I ride in shows on horses and thats how u have to wear your hair

    Gracie UtzGracie Utz7 oy oldin
  • I have hair problem

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  • wish i could get these all thing on my birthay love your videos natalie i have watched all of your videos i have liked them and i am also subscribed to your channel

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  • My hair is like curly and mid length :(

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  • you talk to fas for me can you talk a little bit slow thankyou

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  • I love your videos Natalie

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  • Yes I have very very thick hair this was sooooo helpful!!!!!!

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