EXTREME CLOSET MAKEOVER 🛠 (budget friendly ideas & organization tips!)

26-Avg, 2020
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Follow along as I renovate my entire closet + give you organization ideas✨ Thanks to Target for sponsoring this video! Shop Target Wild Fable here: tgt.biz/NataliesOutlet_Wild_Fable
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  • hi friends ˙ᵕ˙ i'm geeking out here because freakin TARGET sponsored this video!!! WHAAAAAT?! I am the biggest most annoying fan of theirs lol. (literally tweeting them all the time) ANYWAYZZZZ, this video took 3 FULL WEEKS! 🙈 I hope you enjoyed it as much as my team & I enjoyed making it for you! 💖 Both Dennis & I are OBSESSED with our new closet! more on our vlog channel bit.ly/MorningWorkND 🌈

    Natalies OutletNatalies Outlet4 oy oldin
    • Hii 💕

      Farah ShebebFarah ShebebOy oldin
    • You are my fav.

      shreya Sainishreya Saini2 oy oldin
    • Hi Natalie,I love you and I understand the target craze you should come up wit a little workshhet kit in target.

      Aania SheraziAania Sherazi3 oy oldin
    • I know this has nothing to do with any of this but Natalie I see ads with you on you tube know!!!

      Rocky HernandezRocky Hernandez4 oy oldin
    • Please do organizing videos they are my favorite and I LOVE YOUR VIDS 💛💚💙💜

      Kaelyn The RatKaelyn The Rat4 oy oldin
  • Wow dang Natalie your closet is gorgeous like you ❤️❤️❤️❤️ love you Natalie! I also love to shop clothes from target lol love ya!!!

    Keira MaguireKeira Maguire27 kun oldin
  • fall fashion, closet space, tips & tricks :)

    Gabriella MarinGabriella MarinOy oldin
  • Wow ! this is rlly nice ! 🥰 Thanks Natalie ! You’re like the big sister I’ve never had ~ Also , Natalie Idk if you ever see this , but I’m struggling body dysmorphia , and I seriously don’t know how to deal with it ~ I’m so worried that no one will find me attractive and hate me for me , I’m always insecure with the clothes that I own especially since I’m rlly short and Idk if I’ll grow anymore ~ ❤️ love Your Younger sister , Jenny ~

    Hobi_Oursunshine_Hobi_Oursunshine_Oy oldin
  • Imagine being her daughter and being class and she just hands you all this aesthetic pens and pencils 💀

    arianaarianaOy oldin
  • Turned out great!

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  • Great vid! Thanks for the tips

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  • I dont have a room for me also i am 13 but i dont have a room i live inmy parents room thats too small i am also in india so, i dont know much abt dollar...I am struggling to purchase a study desk😢😢😢

    Beachwood CaféBeachwood CaféOy oldin
  • The closet looks fab I'm glad you got to make it your own

    Talitha WarrenTalitha Warren2 oy oldin
  • Lovely closet thanks for sharing and being so honest and sweet. love the colourful clothes

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  • Great video Natalie

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  • Target supports LGBTQ and your a Christian

    Kyle CredeurKyle Credeur2 oy oldin
  • sweaty pants lol

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  • i know you wont see this but i want you to know that you make me soooooooo happy. i am 13 years old and am suffering from anxiety and depresstion i am in a large family and sometimes my parents have a hard time paying bills. both of my dogs are dieing and have to be put down my sister got in a car accsident and almost died and while that happed one of our cats died. i have lost ALL of my self confidence and at this point i dont know what to do. i have been soicidal for the past few years and i cry almost 5 times a day. but you make me happy and smile and i just wanted to say thank you

    Kavyn BlatchfordKavyn Blatchford2 oy oldin
  • *Natalie talking about how her walk in closet is small* *Me barely even having a closet*

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  • Mycloset can't even fit one person in it, it's crazy!

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  • Love her closet so cheek and love her purses 👜 and her close

  • I’m wearing that purple sweatshirt right now!

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  • My 4th grade teacher is from Colombia is from there

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  • Me at 12 am watching this and me getting motivated

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  • Oh my thanks for sharing I love it gave me some awesome ideas🌺 stay blessed 🌺

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  • My style of clothing is retro and streetwear but my aesthetic is angelcore or saniro, kawaii etc.

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  • I love it its so pretty

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  • Thank you so much Natalie! You are just so encouraging and positive, you finally made me feel like I have the ability to keep going and to love myself. Honestly, you are a gift from God. Thank you

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  • I wandering where do you get all your clothes because they are so cute and i want to find really cute stuff....

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  • You can get these drawer shelves racks that you can fold your jeans on them .

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  • OMG Natalie I have the exact same Hello Gorgeous mug. I got mine from my local Goodwilll 😋😋😋😋

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  • fall fashion, closet space, tips & tricks!

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