finally coming clean & answering your questions (100% honest)

21-May, 2020
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Hi Outties!♡ 🌈Grab yoself a snack & let's chat about life, faith, waiting until marriage, 5-minute crafts🤡, moving, my breast explant, confidence, Dennis & a little bit of EVERYTHING!👏🏽See you on Saturday for a normal video🙂✨
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  • Hi Outties! 💖Grab a snack, REEEELAXX and get ready for some tea and bean spillin ☕️comment what you think the truth will be? 😉someone pls assist me with the timestamps 😅🙏🏽 *Mini Life Update* *Q’s ABOUT...DENNIS* How long have I known/ been with dennis? How did you meet? Why is Dennis really not ready for kids? How many? Was it hard to wait until marriage? Why isn't Dennis ready for kids yet? When are you having kids? 2 years- god's timing is perfect Does Dennis treat you better off camera than on camera? Funny question: Do you prefer a 5 year old Dennis or 5 of dennis! *Q’s ABOUT...FAITH* Did you grow up in a religious home? How did you start with bible stuff? Resources? *Q’s ABOUT...JUPITER* How does Jupiter recover after his horrible haircut? Jupiter, how is he doing? His age? Is Jupiter confused why your always home Why aren't you getting a new dog or puppy friend for Jupiter? *Q’s ABOUT....Self-care* Best way to build confidence? Who or what was your main inspiration growing up? *Q’s life before youtube* Went to school? My major? What did I do before youtube? How do you manage your personal life on top of social media? how do I find my passion in life? I'm lost? How did I make my channel grow? How long have you been on youtube Worst fan experience? *Q’s ABOUT...isolation/ quaran* How do you stay motivated to work out and stay healthy? Favorite new hobbies? How are you coping with quaran..? *Random Questions* What's your home lock screen? Regret posting breast explant? One year after explant? Why did you move and still have an Orlando house? Still mad at 5 minute crafts? Are you still playing animal crossings? Have you ever considered doing a livestream?

    Natalies OutletNatalies Outlet8 oy oldin
    • Moira the guy who you dated before Denise did you break up with him or did he break up with you please reply

      Emmily IlongeEmmily Ilonge2 oy oldin
    • Can you make a giveaway please !?

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    • I am also Christen

      Sharon ParkSharon Park6 oy oldin
    • Lot's of love from Nepal

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  • My moms side is catholic and dads side is Christian so we go to both churches

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  • My dad is a pastor and he tries as hard as he can to make sure people don’t think he thinks he’s above them if that makes any sense.

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  • 5 Minute Crafts is a Russian content farm. They don't really deserve to be valued as creators. Watch Ann Reardon from How to Cook That's video about it. 🙂 #supportoriginalcontentcreators

    SoberGirlLifeSoberGirlLife6 oy oldin
  • Girllll how can you learn another language online? Is it free? Cause I’ve seen some UZworld videos for a language I already know to test them out but they said some stuff wrong so I don’t trust them completely:/

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  • There is never a perfect time to have a baby. I have 4 boys and even though I am 31 right now, married and stable, it can be rough. Our 6 month old was the first time we tried hard to get pregnant, took a full year and we were so happy. Well, 2months in, I was in the hospital due to pregnancy and then bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy. Then post party depression. Everything is "perfect" why would I feel so bad? No matter what a baby is a blessing from God and all my kids make my heart melt when they do those little things that stands out.

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