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20-Iyn, 2019
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Last week I shared my deformity & breast explant surgery. This week I wanted to share the first time I saw my breasts again after 5 years ♡ Watch this video first for full context: My Deformity & Breast Explant:
Watch this video second: My Husband's Thoughts on my Deformity:
El video en Español:
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To everyone that asks me questions on social media, these were the top questions regarding breast explant, my implants, surgery, love life, my husbands perspective on my deformity and self confidence.
Video Timestamps:
11:08 Q&A Starts
11:21 Are you okay?
12:42 Was I bullied in school for my breasts?
13:07 Is it the same for butt implants?
14:10 What happened? How were your breast implants hurting you?
14:36 How do you feel when you first got breast implants?
15:41 Who was your doctor?
18:00 How much did it cost?
18:29 How long was recovery?
19:32 How painful was surgery?
20:00 Compare your routine with/ without implants?
22:00 Did you loose sensation?
22:43 How did you get the courage to tell your story?
23:50 How did Dennis react to the whole situation?
24:35 How does it feel not having breast implants anymore?
25:03 What has been the hardest part?
26:20 How did I learn to love my body/ confidence?
27:43 How did my family react to the surgery?
28:08 Do you think the FDA will listen?
29:06 Shape of your breasts now vs. before?
30:11 Were you scared to see yourself without the implants?
31:29 Will you be able to breastfeed?
32:28 What size are you now?
32:56 What was your families reaction to the video you posted?
34:29 Do you plan on participating more in this? Fundraisers?

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  • Hi guys! It took me 7 hours to track only my left nipple. Then I found a program that does it for me & Dennis tracked it for 5 hours. There should be no nip slips but if there is what the heck #FreeTheNipple 🤓

    Natalies OutletNatalies OutletYil oldin
    • No matter what you have in your breath to try to make you look more beautiful you're always be beautiful in my book

      Arianna ReneeArianna Renee3 kun oldin
    • I'm sorry

    • They feed babys what’s the problem

      Analina VeneziaAnalina Venezia4 oy oldin
    • Oh my gosh you are soooooooooo brave and I am just nine years old but you are amazing and just beautiful

      samantha-sam Sanders-clanasamantha-sam Sanders-clana4 oy oldin
    • Proud of u

      zoe hannonzoe hannon5 oy oldin
  • No one plans for implants in I wouldn't notice the difference I'd always think your beautiful you could have makeup all over your face women ruin your makeup and I want to care I think you still look beautiful

    Arianna ReneeArianna Renee3 kun oldin
  • You are so lucky to have a caring husband like dennis.

    Amie OrellanaAmie Orellana4 kun oldin
  • I love how dennis was there to suport you

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  • your are the best dont feel guilty for your looks

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  • I watched it i love you and you are amazing

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  • Denis is so sweet

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  • your so strong Natalie and you are so pretty

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  • They jiggle 😂

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  • Sure her breasts are smaller than others but see I have never been a fan of the huge Kim Kardashion breast. Anyway so that’s what makes Natalie beautiful

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  • Aww.. o know this comment is so late, but you are beautiful just the way you are

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  • my head HURTS

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  • I’m a 11 year old girl and I’m shaking and crying while watching this I’m so sorry Natalie your videos inspire me and I love u hope you are a better !

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  • Natalie you are beautiful inside and out!

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  • I just hope you feel better and I just want to tell you that everybody is perfect and what size in whatever shape in whatever OK I love your videos so much and I just hope you feel so much better every and also think dentist because sorry I meant also thinking Dennis to help you during the whole process just really really really good couple of really good wife and husband

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  • “Oh no it’s not Natalie it’s your body” is so nice and empowering for women

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  • All people need to be like Dennis

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    • A year

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  • Love how you are cuz God does not make mistakes

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  • ur husband is just the best so nice kind and caring u so lucky u got him

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  • Wow Natalie...your a strong woman and taught us to be stronger ...stand strong and stay

    Simone CreativeSimone Creative17 kun oldin
  • I'm so happy for you and the breast implants and taking them out make you more of who you are and I hope you have more self love then ever and we all love you 😁❤

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  • Hi Dennis

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  • He is a true ANGEL!!

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  • next summer I'm getting an implant on my left side because it is significantly smaller than the right. because I'm not 22, I'm getting saline for the implant. Out of all the videos ive been watching of the risks, how it works, ect, this is my favorite because no one goes into detail about much that can happen negatively. Ty natalie!

    Amanda millsAmanda millsOy oldin
  • Dennis is amazing ! I’m so happy and was crying watching this, I’m happy for your health I am glad you feel and look so beautiful!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I wish you happiness and health! Take care and stay healthy and happy ! ❤️

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  • You are so brave! You can do any thing

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  • You faker I hate your channel and you are so ugly and unattractive faker and a like koalaBabyXX her channel is way better.

  • I have big boobs and wish I had small boobs literally everyone wants what they dont have And the world has increased our insecurity by putting standards that a human cant have naturally

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  • I love you Natalie you are a STRONG WOMEN

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  • does anyone know where I can buy a Denis

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  • I'm so proud of you, it has to take a lot of courage to do this, and when I first so this video, I couldn't watch it because I knew I would get emotional, and I was right, but you rock!

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  • Natalie: ugh that’s nasty Dennis: no it’s not, Natalie it’s your body 🥺🥺

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  • Your not alone and Dennis is doing amazing looking after you. You should always keep your head high and if you need to talk you can dm me on Instagram xxx

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  • Dennis

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  • Natalie this is from my family because we were all so worried for you : Dear Natalie we are all so glad that you got your implants out and that you love yourself and that you were willing to show your followers what you went through. And we are super happy that Dennis was so supportive. - the Haydee and Lopez family (yes Haydee and Lopez )

    Weeb_ 036Weeb_ 0363 oy oldin
  • Self love people! I ❤ your bravery to save your body. (Being emotional is a mental function 😉)

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  • Wow I can’t believe this was one YEAR ago. I’m so happy your okay..!

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  • Dennis is so sweet and supporting

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  • thank you for sharing this huge journy with us

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  • How do you have the courage to put this in UZworld

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  • I love how supportive he is! Now in days guys want a girl with a skinny waist and big boobs and a big but you can’t find many like Dennis, you got a one in a million man.I am so proud of you Natalia. You are so brave! I look up to you so much. He loves her so much, he cheered her up even when she was at her lowest and made her feel good about herself! I love you so much Natalia and I hope you are still doing great! Keep being brave and strong bb❤️❤️

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  • I'm so happy that ur okay and hope you are doing well😇😇and don't forget you are a beautiful angle😆😆😆😇🎀🎀

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  • You know what I am going to a place where you can get butt and breast implants rob them and burn them in a fire people have to learn self love it is them and they should love there body also Natalie you have a great and supportive husband

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  • Me: Hey Google where can I find a husband like Dennis?! Google: Do you mean Natalie's husband?! Me: Yes! Google: Sorry is limited edition!! Natalie you are soooo lucky to having a husband like Dennis He is so gentle and sweet!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!! ❤️

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