GIRL TALK # 3: removing my breast implants, confidence tips, sexy time & pregnancy 😬

9-Okt, 2020
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Hi Outties!🌈 welcome to a new series “Girl Talk” a safe space where we discuss topics that may be too awkward to ask yo mama. We will cover everything from sexy time, fertility, getting pregnant, confidence tips, birth control & so much more ✨Caress that like button if you enjoy!
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Time Stamps:
01:11 - Periods
02:10 - Mood Swings
03:08 - Period App
03:48 - Fertility
05:40 - Stretch Marks
06:45 - Mental Health
09:20 - Beauty Filters
10:50 - Followers
11:45 - Confidence
12:50 - Marriage/ Relationship
14:50 - Questions too afraid to ask mom
15:00 - Peer Pressure
15:35 - Questioning sexuality
16:45 - Religion
17:28 - Insecurities
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  • Hi Outties! Grab your snacks for a LONNNNGG girl chat 🍿 question: do you prefer 10 or 20 minute girl chats? BTW, let's chat after this video TEXT ME 🙂407-289-1797 🦋☺️

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    • Longer! I love long girl chats :D ❤️ 💕

      corgi dogcorgi dog4 kun oldin
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  • I'm insecure about my confidence

    Lade MahlLade Mahl7 kun oldin
  • I use Flo for tracking my period. Anyone else??

    Lade MahlLade Mahl7 kun oldin
  • Could you do a #4?? They make me feel really good about myself and I want more!

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  • ugh im so mad i checked my clue app and it said i start my period tomorrow >:(

    Paige BlackPaige Black10 kun oldin
  • i dont like anything about myself. i dont feel like myself in my body/face. it may seem like im insecure but no.. i am but this is different. i dont feel comfortable looking the way i look and i dont feel comfortable with b00bs.. help?

    Mitsuba SousukeMitsuba Sousuke12 kun oldin
  • I feel like you need to create a compony or something or even a bullet jornaal and you are a LATINA! you know we love those latina's

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  • happy 2021 yall :D hopefully sometime this year covid gets better :(

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  • I really don’t like my body. I am 12 and I am 175 pounds! I eat really good and I work out ALL the time. Please pray for me!🥺😢

    Julianna GoodmanJulianna Goodman17 kun oldin
  • Question, if you dont get your second period can you get it later in the month or did i just skip it?

    Amiya CAmiya C17 kun oldin
  • Wait is she pregnant

    Autumn LoverAutumn Lover17 kun oldin
    • Why a Nine year old need a period but they can get one let me that’s my auntie Told me!

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  • Lol I’m 12 and these vids rly help! It’s just liek w vidio with a talk on everything. Natalies like the big sister we never had🥺🤍

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  • Natalie you such an amazing person just talking the time to talk about this shows a lot. Love you . Like if you agree

    Surina WorldSurina World20 kun oldin
  • Marriage. Respect is everything. Being rude seems funny and fun; calling people “bitch” was cool 50 years ago. It isn’t healthy to fake disrespect as a way of life. Be kind to each other.

    Nancy St.John-SmithNancy St.John-Smith22 kun oldin
  • I got my first one 2 days ago

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  • It's been so long since I've watched you. Your in my prayers girly

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  • i love how confident you aree, you have really helped me in these videos

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  • How do you tell your mom???

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  • Love these girl chats! Omg they help me so much and inspire me 💕

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  • I’ve been watching Natalie‘s outlet forever and she has brought me to the toughest times

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  • Do you think maybe you could have a Girl Talk about relationships and your experience with that? I have had so many questions about it.

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  • Heyyy, can you talk about how to get over insecurity and go into detail? I like how I am but it is hard not to be insecure in schools nowadays.

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  • yes, i am a 12 year old watching this. fight me 😂

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  • Can you review watercolour brush pens

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  • Do you have any scars on your body? I have a ton and I’m so insecure about them.

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  • I’m not ashamed of my period but I sure don’t want it😃

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  • Hey im only 15 but your stories and you being so open makes me feel like you are my older sister.

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  • I found this channel through make-up videos. I just wanted to say as a mother to 3 beautiful, wonderful, sweet girls. One just got done with college, one in college and one in highschool. I can honestly say I'd prefer you as a role model for them than alot of what's out on the internet. So as a Mama, you are really fabulous!❤️

    Amanda DionysiusAmanda DionysiusOy oldin
  • Hey Natalie i texted u and pressed the link u sent me but when i put my birthday ??/??/2006 it said u have to be 13 or older

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  • How do you feel about young relationships (like 10-14yr olds)

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  • 3:45 this is what you’re looking for

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  • Like I used to be soooo insecure during quarantine. But later on after self confidence began to rise again. I know I'm beautiful..I don't want to sound snobby. Like I know I'm pretty and I know everyone is! And it's annoying Bec so don't know how to be confident in front of people without sounding like a snob..Bec people get mad at u Bec their not confident..

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  • 12 year old in the comments feeling like their 16✨😌

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  • Why does Natalie always look so beautiful! 😩😊

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  • If you just started puberty and having trouble what's happening in your body you can buy this book here ➡️

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  • Would you give your kids the choice of religion even when they are younger?

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  • Natilie is gonna be the mother who you can come to for anything and shes super fun

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  • How should I tell my mom I'm bisexual

    Shayzell GattShayzell GattOy oldin
    • Just be u hunny and tell her ur bisexual its something u shouldn't be ashamed of it also I mean love is love if she doesn't support u other people will like me :) u can love whoever you u want girls and boys it really doesn't matter its ur choice 💕 and it comes from me a pansexual person 🏳️‍🌈 personally ur mom should just support u by who u are 😊

      Idk idkIdk idkOy oldin
  • i love being able to listen and hear about positivity! i love the body positivity and how showing things that society says is ugly, is beautiful! thanks natalie !

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  • I think flow is a really good app to track you flow

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  • Also when you do girl talk it makes me feel safe and that am in a safe space

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  • I'm liking these videos... but please please please don't give natural birth control advice to your followers. You aren't a medical professional and I can just imagine young girls misreading their symptoms and ending up pregnant because they think they're "in the clear".

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  • Omg 😱 is been years since Ive watched your channel ! I been missing out on a lot . Got lost in the UZworld world , but i guess this is a reunite meant 🥰. I’m glad your doing well 😇😇 you’re awesome

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  • I’m a Christian too 💖✝️

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  • Beauty filters, mood swings, mental health ;)

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  • One sec ago I was having a mental breakdown bc of someone who bullies me and my friends (I’m also scared to go back to school bc of her) and I watched ur vid and now I’m fine- what? How is that possible

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  • Im not on my period yet im very scared because im very close but u have helped me with my insucureness xxxso thank u soooo much im subscribed ive liked alot of your vids and I love u xxx thanks again

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  • I think my really close friend likes me. Can u guys tell me what ya think? I need help and advice!!! 😫 1. He always helps me when I need it (schoolwork, walking my dogs, etc) 2. He gives sudden half compliments like “your eyes are weird” 3. If I tease him about something “mean” he said when we were really young he gets defensive in a rlly sweet way and promises he’s never say something like that about me 4. He gives me gifts all the time 5. He acts rlly awkward towards me on random days 6. He looks at me sometimes when I’m talking to someone else 7. He used to like me but I didn’t know then and I don’t know if he still does Idk if I like him too, but I think I do. What do y’all think? I’m literally posting this comment everywhere, even where it’s off topic 😂 I need different opinions!!!

    Ocean WatersOcean Waters2 oy oldin
    • Thanks!!!

      Ocean WatersOcean WatersOy oldin
    • @Ocean Waters If u have da slightest thought about liking him for his PERSONALITY, go for him! The worst thing he can do is think your joking, or say something about being just friends. Use your best judgment, if you think he likes you, he probably does! If you need any more help, you can always reply and ask me questions:)

      Elizabeth WagerElizabeth Wager2 oy oldin
    • Ty for your input! I’m still not sure what to do tho lol

      Ocean WatersOcean Waters2 oy oldin
    • From what u describe I think he does like u! But u will only know if you shoot your shot or if he shoots his 😉

      pineapple queenpineapple queen2 oy oldin
  • Everytime girls talk about their period I panic. I'm 14 and a freshman in high school and i still havent gotten my first period. I want to have kids one day and i was told if i dont get my period i wont be able to have kids which i know is true. I'm not ready for a period but I know once I have it I hopefully will feel some relief.

    traphouse_editztraphouse_editz2 oy oldin
    • @pineapple queen thx!

      traphouse_editztraphouse_editz2 oy oldin
    • You will get it don't worry! My best friend who is also 14 hasn't gotten her period yet but her mom got it when she was 16. You will probably get it in 1-2 years maybe a bit more but don't start worrying now!

      pineapple queenpineapple queen2 oy oldin
    • @Ramesh Vasu i try not to panic.

      traphouse_editztraphouse_editz2 oy oldin
    • Aw don't worry. You are just a late bloomer and you are lucky too. Don't panic

      Ramesh VasuRamesh Vasu2 oy oldin
  • i wish i had subs

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  • I love these kinds of videos, for some reason they make me feel relaxed and I usually do homework while watching you

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  • I’m so confused abt my sexuality and scared for my rights if trump gets elected and I’m just really scared

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  • It would be awesome if you talked about teen relationships, and how you know if you actually like someone. I'm currently a teenager, and I'm so confused about guys. I'm sure a lot of other girls would like it too! ❤

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  • just a question, how do you cope with stress, depression, or anxiety, i am not saying i go through this i just want to know for those who are.

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  • Natalie: I’m a 26 year old... Me: WHOA, WHOA, WHOA! Hold up! Gurl, you look you just turned 21

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  • Her kid or kids will be lucky to have her as a mother ❤️

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