GIRL TALK #1: sexy time, periods, first times 😬

23-Iyl, 2020
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Hi Outties!🌈welcome to a new series “Girl Talk” a safe space where we discuss topics that may be too awkward to ask yo mama. We will cover everything from sexy time, first periods/ kiss, birth control & so much more ✨Caress that like button if you enjoy!
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Thanks LaurDIY for inspiring me✨watch her video here: REAL Girl Talk While Painting (Periods, Virginity, First Times)
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  • (time codes for you're convenience) Periods 1:59 - Q1: When did you get your first period? 2:39 - Q2: What do you use for your period? 2:58 - Q3: When was your first kiss? 4:10 - Q4: Have you ever stalked an ex before? Birth Control 4:43 - Q5: Are you on birth control? Sexy Time 5:56 - Q6: Is it normal to have v discharge? 6:49 - Q7: Did it hurt the first time? 7:31 - Q8: Is it normal to explore yo -self? 8:01 - Q9: How do women orgasm? 9:04 - Q10: Does size matter? 9:20 - Q11: What is the proper thing to do right after intercourse? 9:39 - Q12: Have you ever passed gas during sexy time or while having an orgasm? 9:59 - Q13: Have you ever had a UTI? Love and Dating 10:41 - Q14: What is the most awkward date you have ever been on? 11:39 - Q15: What was your first relationship like? 12:44 - Q16: When was the first time you were in love? 13:13 - Q17: How did you know you were in love? 13:48 - Q18: Have your feelings for each other changes since you have gotten married?

    Natalies OutletNatalies Outlet5 oy oldin
    • Do you and Dennis have a good life

      Vasantee NathaiVasantee Nathai3 soat oldin
    • When did you first meet Dennis

      Vasantee NathaiVasantee Nathai3 soat oldin
    • You are like the sister relationship that I had always dreamed of thank you for being so open !!👑

      Ailani ThiravongAilani ThiravongOy oldin
    • Natalies outlet love you 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕❤️❤️💕💕❤️💕💕❤️💕❤️❤️💕❤️💕❤️❤️

      Officially ShelbyOfficially ShelbyOy oldin
    • I just wanted to be the 200 reply so yeah hi

      Abigail RoseAbigail Rose2 oy oldin
  • It is a sin before marriage because God made it for one man and one woman

    Caroline DombroskiCaroline Dombroski2 kun oldin
  • When I watch these kinds of videos I feel more comfortable because I always felt very uncomfortable so thank u so much Natalie

    It’s Chxrry GurlIt’s Chxrry Gurl2 kun oldin
  • When will u have kids?

    Annice WoodsAnnice Woods2 kun oldin
  • Yo

    Annice WoodsAnnice Woods2 kun oldin
  • Please please please please pleassseeee make more of these!!!

    Meryl WrennMeryl Wrenn2 kun oldin
  • Thank you so much for this pls do more 😊❤️

    Hunter DuttonHunter Dutton3 kun oldin
  • Thank you so much!!! Hope you get that baby 😋

    Hunter DuttonHunter Dutton3 kun oldin
  • i need helppp w s3x things ??? soo my bf and i want to do it but he dosent understand that it is going to hurt and i might bleed, and i dont know how to tell him ????

    Sophie HenrySophie Henry3 kun oldin
  • my first make-out was when i went to my bf's house, it was rlly good :)

    Sophie HenrySophie Henry3 kun oldin
  • Tbh when I got discharge I thought it was wet toilet paper. I asked my mum like 2 years later what it was and she said that it was discharge. I asked what it does and she said what u said and not to worry bout it because it’s a as normal as swet.

    Tayla HussonTayla Husson3 kun oldin
  • when Natalie says no one s first makeout is perfect. Ummmmmmm. mine was

    HollyHolly3 kun oldin
  • I had my first kiss at 11. A magical makeout session

    Abigail KelleyAbigail Kelley4 kun oldin
  • me skipping the period part because i don't need that information

    Luiza AndradeLuiza Andrade4 kun oldin
  • Dang, I got my period at 10............. Your lucky

    Amanda PirwitzAmanda Pirwitz5 kun oldin
  • So in the Bible Gods says not to have sex till your married. That is why many Christians wait till marriage.

    Breanna BurkettBreanna Burkett5 kun oldin
  • By the way the video was shoot before my bday 24 July

    Enhle DubeEnhle Dube5 kun oldin
  • Was Dennis shooting the video because if he was I am sure his ears blow out of his head 🤣🤣💥

    Enhle DubeEnhle Dube5 kun oldin
  • I got my period last year before xmas

    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Hhehehʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Hheheh6 kun oldin
  • Yes i'm not the only person who wants there period

    Stephanie McDonaldStephanie McDonald6 kun oldin
  • OMG! I can’t believe I wasn’t subscribed I have been watching your videos for years I thought I had subscribed

    Zeal JainZeal Jain7 kun oldin
  • is just me or im 10 and im the only one needing to know about periods cause my cuz got hers first AND IM 10 AND I STILL DONT HAVE MINE WHAT IS LIFE

    Misti HoltMisti Holt7 kun oldin
  • What do you do after sexy time

    Iasbel ArmesIasbel Armes8 kun oldin
  • I actually waited a loooooong time for my first kiss, I first made out when I was 19, and It was magicaaaaal. Honestly, I think waiting for the right guy, for you to be ready, made it possible :)

    Elise NguyenElise Nguyen9 kun oldin
  • i got my period at 11 and i was so sad

    Siimplyy.RxbloxxSiimplyy.Rxbloxx9 kun oldin
  • Y’all I have had 4 uti’s in my whole life and I be having sleep paralysis (if you don’t know what that is go look it up) 😭

    •lilly ••lilly •9 kun oldin
  • 2:10 YES IDK WHY

    OceanxxStarfishOceanxxStarfish10 kun oldin
  • Is it OK to be really loving to your self or is it self observed

    heidi pinkysquadheidi pinkysquad10 kun oldin
  • Had my first kiss in a mental hospital. He was HOT but the kiss sucked

    Abrielle SmithAbrielle Smith10 kun oldin
  • on your question about it being a sin, i believe it is a sin because it’s a sin if you have sex before marriage and yes i get that it’s yourself but it’s sorta the same thing. i’m not exactly sure but yea. i would rather be safe than sorry. and just some constructive criticism i think that a lot of the topics in the video are a sin... first you doing the stuff and then you talking about it like it’s normal. i don’t wanna come off rude or controlling i just genuinely want to help you.

    Caroline ColvinCaroline Colvin11 kun oldin
  • are you a christian?

    SarahSarah11 kun oldin
  • I could say got my first kiss in preschool I had i boyfriend in preschool and we would make out and kiss all of the time we would pretend that we where husband and wife we even had a wedding at school it dident last though I moved away but honestly I wish it did :(

    Gabriella McKennaGabriella McKenna11 kun oldin
  • Bro wtf I fr thought you were 16-

    Kirra AllenKirra Allen11 kun oldin
  • I dunno if ull read this, but its a sin " to explore urself" cuz, ur basically imagining urself doin it with someone(if it's not the guy ur destined w ) and tht is basically committing adultery.

    kArLakArLa11 kun oldin
  • Why was I scared to click on this video-

    Toast CrunchToast Crunch12 kun oldin
  • When she said no knows first make out is magical she lied. Oddly enough I was my current boyfriend's first girlfriend and it was the first make out for both of us. The weird thing is that it was actually really nice, it was almost like we knew what we were doing even though we had no experience what so ever in the make out department.

    Brianna BrownBrianna Brown12 kun oldin
  • not me 11 with my period :/

    Lila SingerLila Singer12 kun oldin
  • Your literally my big sis now.🥺❤️

    Antonia NaufalAntonia Naufal12 kun oldin
  • i really hope when she has a baby she has girl because oh my gosh she would be such amazing mom and OF course to a boy to but she feels like a second mom to me 😂❤️😚

    Miley WinkMiley Wink12 kun oldin
  • I love watching you because I am a girl and like I am scared to get my period but you make me to be calm you know im calm now I have the worst cramps but love you girl

    •Marisol Garcia••Marisol Garcia•12 kun oldin
  • Part two plz

    Susi AvilesSusi Aviles12 kun oldin
  • I had the best first make out damn

    Dhiya TaliyahDhiya Taliyah12 kun oldin
  • My first kiss what awesome it was a kiss and make out in one it happened when I was in 2nd grade in the back of the play ground we frinch kissed It was great I'm now in 9th grade I haven't yet had a second kiss hope it happens soon 😒🙄

    KenziTerrorLand ScaresKenziTerrorLand Scares14 kun oldin
  • My first kiss was with my crush we are bi

    Paula and Ava TubePaula and Ava Tube15 kun oldin
  • My mum is really open about stuff but sometimes it’s hard to talk to her without it being awkward..... thanks haha x

    Chloe Lily-GraceChloe Lily-Grace16 kun oldin
  • This is so cute ☺️

    Aurora SamAurora Sam16 kun oldin
  • tysm

    captain gachacaptain gacha16 kun oldin
  • I don't know why but i subscribed before the beginning of the video and am just new here tho and i am really enjoying your video😘😝

    Kim ReignsKim Reigns16 kun oldin
  • So I’m just watch this and it helped soooo much!!!! I’m about to go watch part 2 and I’m so excited! I know sooo much more and I’m happy about that🥰😘 Thank you nat I love you!!!

    Nataya PlavshaNataya Plavsha17 kun oldin
  • I wanted to get my period so bad.... and now I’m like TAKE IT AWAY!!!!!🤣🤣 it’s not that bad anymore! I hate tampons 😆

    Emily BurfordEmily Burford17 kun oldin
  • Want to get mine idky

    Nelson Castro pinedaNelson Castro pineda17 kun oldin
  • PART 2 PLS

    Unicorn PoopUnicorn Poop17 kun oldin
  • When I first got my period it was so much blood I thought I was dying

    Brielle ChristineBrielle Christine18 kun oldin
  • Yes I wanted to get it

    ck iscraycrayck iscraycray18 kun oldin
  • I had my first kiss at 8 and I am 14 now :D

    Not even JadeNot even Jade19 kun oldin
  • Can you do a signs your first pierod is coming video? Love ya 😘

    Ashlyn LaganaAshlyn Lagana19 kun oldin
  • I didn’t have my first kiss until 17 not to long ago and tbh it was from a literal movie it felt like time has stopped and I wish everyone HD that experience

    Kaily EmmaKaily Emma19 kun oldin
  • What about pads?

    DJwolfy AnyDJwolfy Any21 kun oldin
  • My first kiss was on a beach with a kinda sunset actually was kinda cute:)

    Cherelle BrownleeCherelle Brownlee22 kun oldin
  • Yes girl I felt the same😜

    Teyasha MoodleyTeyasha Moodley23 kun oldin
  • looooove this video

    Sofie AlbækSofie Albæk24 kun oldin
  • my first kiss was on the bus and i pushed him into the window and kissed him then it was my stop and got off the bus and left him like what just happened and this was in 6 grade

    Emma WantekEmma Wantek24 kun oldin
  • Ok I'm just going to say something a bit personal but like if you can relate... My first period was not light😢😢😢😳😳😳

    Kimaya PillayKimaya Pillay25 kun oldin
  • I put on a face mask for this video 😅

    JenniferJennifer26 kun oldin
  • Part two

    Areli ZaragozaAreli Zaragoza27 kun oldin
  • It’s a very controversial topic especially when it comes to sins and explaining it just becomes very controversial

    Areli ZaragozaAreli Zaragoza27 kun oldin
  • omg i was 13 when i had my first kiss and it was honestly rlly funny.... but first make out on the other hand legit *EXPLICIT TIME* and it was the same guy and we were in the car and i was like on top of him YES IN 8TH GRADEEEE and uh yeh that kinda just happened

    Rosie MistrettaRosie Mistretta27 kun oldin
  • I had my first kiss after your video thank you big sis

    393920 Shadow393920 Shadow27 kun oldin
  • First kiss was with my Cat on the head ☺️☺️☺️☺️

    Madeline CunninghamMadeline CunninghamOy oldin
  • Vaginal discharge is a white or clear "sticky" substance that comes out of your vagina when you're not on your period. It is completely normall :)

    Georgia McLeanGeorgia McLeanOy oldin
  • Well I guess I'm different 😅 bc my first makeout sess was with my current boyfriend and honestly it was really good

    Kimberly HKimberly HOy oldin
  • i loved this video

    Sabah AzharSabah AzharOy oldin
  • This is giving me the coolest big sister ever vibes....... and I LOVE IT

    Helena GrangerHelena GrangerOy oldin
  • 2:25 So relatable😂

    CleoTheHammieCleoTheHammieOy oldin
  • this video made me feel the most single i've ever felt in my life :.)

    Snow FlakeSnow FlakeOy oldin
  • "Everything is just beautiful" That's an amazing quote tho :)

    Anna EstesAnna EstesOy oldin
  • Does anybody know the name of the period app

    DjkdkdjchkdjebdksjdbkdldlDjkdkdjchkdjebdksjdbkdldlOy oldin
  • Pls do more of these

    Abbyanna EspañaAbbyanna EspañaOy oldin
  • My vaginal discharge happened first while staying with my dad and my brother... yeah that was weird I was like dad I peed my pants and he was like I’ll wash it and then when I came home I told my mom and she was like oh yeah it’s just cleaning itself and I was like oh ohkay.

    Lauren BinghamLauren BinghamOy oldin
  • it’s a sin because it is lustful and the opposite of chaste

    xoxo.4axoxo.4aOy oldin
  • When you asked about exploring my yourself. I don’t think that is a sin. I think some people like nuns or something think it is, because they want to stay pure and not participate in sexual activity. I think that theory is fake, because God created that body specifically for you. God says that sex is a good thing, I mean, that’s why we’re all here. But sex begins with exploring. So I’m pretty sure that theory of exploring is a sin is a fake theory though up by someone who is against sexual activities. Have fun and love yourself for you you are. God bless all. ❤️❤️

    DynamicDynamicOy oldin
  • Thank you for these videos... they help so much!

    MaggieMaggieOy oldin
  • She got her first kiss in seventh grade... While I am here (a 7th grader) playing Roblox... LOL

    MaggieMaggieOy oldin
  • do you have to go on birth controll and do you hav to take your bra off durring sex?

    •t•ø•x•i•c••t•ø•x•i•c•Oy oldin
    • Ok so this is just what I know 1: either that or using a condom 2: you don’t have to

      Annabelle WheelisAnnabelle WheelisOy oldin
  • My first kiss story I was playing sardines with friends and their and cousins.We.were in a was pitch black. I still don't know who who it was! Plus I'm only 12 and it was a year ago!!

    Trevor LowryTrevor LowryOy oldin
  • what i got first kiss in 6th grade

    elizabeth saunderselizabeth saundersOy oldin
  • As a teen girl I love watching your vids

    mylie lafrancemylie lafranceOy oldin
  • My mom had a friend who had a son one grade ahead of me and we were talking and shes like you him would make a cute couple and im like ueah no

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  • Part 2 pls

    Amy BarriosAmy BarriosOy oldin
  • natalie i felt so comfortable watching this thank u for this

    Esperanza NanezEsperanza NanezOy oldin
  • Well, i am christian, and as a christian view, touching yourself can open up a sexual thing inside you, i mean some people do it and they did not even know what it was , like me, but then i learn by my church that is not waiting and in a sexual way you my even watch you know the videos and that is not good, you are imgening even doing it with someone. It can go farther than just touching yourself, it cantrap you and make you do thing that are not good, is better to wait or just try to stop. So yeah

    Victoria IriasVictoria IriasOy oldin
  • Okay my mum got me these books and they were guides to girl stuff, and it spoke about discharge. IT IS NORMALL!! It basically cleans your down under to make sure it’s all lovely and healthy and it’s one of your bodies little ways of helping you out ☺️

    sophsophOy oldin
  • i hope no boys see this

    Khyati JKhyati JOy oldin
  • How old was you when you had your first boyfriend?

    Con ScholtzCon ScholtzOy oldin
  • luv this vid

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  • Can I please talk to you?

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  • lol i got my period when i was 10

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  • Please do girl talk part #2

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  • i got all shy when she started talking about se# things 🤣

    Natalie rubioNatalie rubioOy oldin
  • How to talk to a friend that you’ve distanced from and ask to hang out again

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