How to Aesthetic Bullet Journal For Beginners! Easy Ideas To Fill Your Notebooks🌈 📓🖋

20-Noy, 2020
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Hi Outties! 🌈 feeling stuck on how to fill up your notebooks? no worries, here are a ton of easy aesthetic bullet journal ideas perfect for any beginner📓 Thanks to Google One for sponsoring this video!
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  • Hi Outties!✨I hope you enjoy this video! ❤️ I’m thinking about starting an upload schedule! What days work best for you?🥰

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  • bullet journal art

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  • what is a habit tracker ?

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  • omg i love you

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  • This is so helpful, tbh, you're whole channel is helpful! My diary is full of stuff, so im begging my parents to buy me a big note book that i can decorate the cover and start a diary! i sometimes have trouble sleeping so the sleeping thing is so helpful! i really want my hand writing to improve so yeah! once i had a group project, about the Aztecs, and a guy in my group "ruined" the poster we had to make, and we were thinking of starting over, but then i got an idea! we just covered the mistake and made a title! since i draw a LOT so i think this is gonna be fun! ~Skylar🍩

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  • Hey Natalie! I love watching your videos all the time! I have been downloading all of your worksheets and trying to find your inspirational quotes on Pinterest since I cannot have an Instagram account :( Keep up the good work!

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  • Hi Natalia thank u so much it rlly helped me hope u notice me and I will keep commenting on all ur videos so u notice me #notificationsquad

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  • Hey Natalies can you do a bullet Journel but a easy one pls I don't have a lot of these thing

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  • L💜ve the work sheets

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  • Hi natalia i Love your videos a special bullet journal videos plssssss make more of these

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  • Hi Natalie ! I love you so so much, I’ve been watching since 2018 ! And I’m a pastel goth aesthetic (check it out, it’s so cool !), so that’s what my journal is themed. (: lots of love and I hope you have a great new year ! Much love !

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  • hey ik im late to this video but were can I print out those sheets u created lol

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  • When I go to bed early I wake up and am so tired when I fall asleep at 11:00 I wake up right away. 🤣

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  • Bullet journal art❤️ LOVE YOU NATALIE !!!! your my inspiration for 5am waking up, bullet journaling LOSING WEIGHT ....( im a 10yr that weighs 51.4 kg... but i dont look like that hehe) love u Natalie ❤️❤️😘 #natificationsquad

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  • You know Natalie you are my insperation you give out all of the jurnaling ideas and so many more and if I did not watch your videos I would not be as creative and organized and as not as full of ideas in my brain and you just gave me insaration that I have know, so keep on doing what you are going and keep the ideas flowing !!! Love you

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  • I got a bullet journal for Christmas, and I need ideas for it, so I'm watching your video because you are the queen of bullet journaling.

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  • it has been a year since i watch her and now im addicted again

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  • it has been a year since i watch her and now im addicted again

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  • ☺️Thanks for giving worksheets sis

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