How to Fall Asleep FAST When You CAN’T Sleep! 12 Sleep Life Hacks!

1-Apr, 2020
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    • I love you

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    • I have 8 hours of sleep

      Izumi zip o9 Felix-savrimoothooIzumi zip o9 Felix-savrimoothoo2 kun oldin
    • I have 8 hours of sleep

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    • I watch your sleep hacks all the time but can you make one for summer cause It's sooo hotttt and can't get to sleep!!!!❤💖❤💖😭😭

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  • Me*comes here bc I genuinely can't sleep* Also me: Looks at the comments throughout the whole video

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  • Me: scrolls down Me again: Scrolls down so fast that falls asleep My mom: WAKE UP Me:ahh mom u scared me Me also: bruh mom why u wake me up at a Saturday

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  • Me: just typing how to fall asleep fast Like if u are to

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  • I tried it worked tysm it’s really helped me and fun fact I’m about to sleep

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  • Let me guess: you came to this video because it’s 1:02 in the morning and you want to go to sleep but can’t so you went to yt for help Also I can’t rotate my bed so I just switched the way my head is facing

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  • I do not have instagram but I love your videos

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  • POV: Your watching this because you can't fall asleep or need a new sleep schedule... It's literally 2 on a school and I can't sleep!!

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  • Sleeping early

    Sophia Marie’s WorldSophia Marie’s World3 kun oldin
  • With the check list it’s good to put the paper in like a plastic baggy so when you use a dry erase marker u don’t have to print more copies every day

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  • I love sleep but i can never getbto sleep its now currently 2:30

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  • To sleep well a dont have bad dreams

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  • ,it's the middle of the night

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  • I NOW , i NOW,... ITS 00:33 and im waching this beacuse i CANT FALL ASLEEP! thank you for helping!!!❤❤❤

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  • I sleep really well if I drink 1 glass of warm milk

    I love the natureI love the nature4 kun oldin
  • Here we are trying to find ways to sleep but instead we in the comments instead of sleeping 😴

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  • I wanted to do hack 4 but I’m to short

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  • I sleep with my shoulders on my pillow and loads and loads of blankets and pillows

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  • It's 3 am and I am just now done with math homework which I started solving at 6 pm. Now I cannot fall asleep.

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  • I actually have a ton of energy if I only fell asleep at six in the morning that Krazy

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  • One hour

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  • Your voice is so soothing I love watching you when I am mad or need to relax.

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  • i love our worksheets and your vuds

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  • Me: watching sleep hacks Me: also watching this instead of sleep Like if this is also you! I won't judge I do this sometimes too.

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  • im litterally waching this because i cant go to sleep

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  • I have a BIG trouble going to sleep

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  • I get a lalabye to sleep and I sleep

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  • #sleep hakes

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  • Whenever I sleep with socks they either fall off at night or I end up taking them off with my feet. Lol 😂🤣

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  • Me watching this at 8am

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  • Is it just me or you also HATE WEARING SOCKS

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  • Who is whacking this in 2021

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  • I'm scared at night I am getting late

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  • I probably get like 5 hours of sleep

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  • Who else only gets 4 hours of sleep 😂

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  • i just can’t somehow sleep when *theres no body beside me for example relatives etc* and i can’t also sleep when there’s no noise😀

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  • I haven't been asleep in 4 days only like 3 hours every day and I'm only 11 😞

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    • That’s my schedule rn

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  • The one that help me Close your Eyes and sleep How? Just close you and boom Sleep

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  • How I fall asleep fast :D 1. If you have led lights set them to orange or yellow and turn the brightness down all the way then go up 5 2. Have Frankensence or lavender in a diffuser 3. Think of red, black, or purple for 15 seconds

    Mr. Baby ManMr. Baby Man13 kun oldin
  • America.beautiful

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  • I really want to be able to fall asleep in my room because I used to sleep in my parents room because I could never sleep without them really so I am actually trying this

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  • It's 11:30 and I can't sleep

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  • Ohh and thanks for all the life hack some of them are usefull and thank you

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  • Natalie do you hate covid-19 please tell me if you do

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  • Not me at 2 AM that cant sleep😭🦗🦟🦗

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  • What I like to do is play game till it’s morning so when I get tired I will go to sleep myself lol

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  • Shoutout in next video, #notification squad

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  • I rotated my bed myself and I'm only 9

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  • Wake up early for school

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  • What your body thinks when you‘re (almost) asleep: So, let‘s annoy her...maybe I should say that I want to go to the toilet... then we argue till she‘s awake, then she goes to the toilet and can‘t fall asleep anymore ... Yes, that‘s a perfect plan, works always 🤔. ☺️👍

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  • I stay up at 1.00 so that y I need these life sleep hacks

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  • I just can not sleep

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  • What Time is it there Here is at 2:09am and it night here

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  • The guava hacked work perfectly 😘

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  • On hack 11 I don’t think it’s a good idea I’m on A double bed and it’s in the middle of the night 4:00 I would wake up my hole family 😢😢

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  • I cry everyday at night knowing that I can’t fall asleep and staying up is way to unhealthy and I might even gets sick and possibly die it’s hard and no matter how hard I try I still won’t fall asleep so I stay up until 1-6 o’clock.

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    • don’t worry girly i’m on a haspital bed rn :)

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  • I’m only watching this bc I have really bad insomnia

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  • I wish my crush liked me back.... the worst part.... he likes my sister

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  • I do this before I go to bed

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  • My sleep goal is to sleep

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  • I can’t sleep it’s 22:6 am I’m so sleep I can’t tho

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  • Thx for some much I toss and turn all night and every night

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  • to sleep more than 1 hour

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  • Me: *needs electronics for sound and not feeling alone cuz ptsd* FUC-

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  • I got a hack! It involves a toaster and a bathtub. Make sure you have an outlet in your bathroom!

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  • Me seeing these hacks: try each while trying to go to sleep**

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