🖋 how to take [aesthetic notes] for lazy people 📓 note-taking + study tips!✨

21-Avg, 2020
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Time Stamps:
02:00 - Supplies
04:03 - Title Ideas
04:35 - Date and Header Ideas
04:59 - Note Taking Tips
06:18 - The Outline Method
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Natalie 🌈

  • lazy handwriting *potatoes* where ya at?🥔 or my *stationary lovers* ?📓🌈 psttt...currently, filming my dream *library* video☁️📚✨wait until you guys see this!!! I legit converted a corner of my room into a beautiful bookworm’s dream!!! Ü excited for you to see it! okkkkayyy, *signing off now♡*

    Natalies OutletNatalies Outlet5 oy oldin
    • Yes girl I am obsessed with the same thing :-). And also journaling ovs😏

      Natasha TrettNatasha TrettKun oldin
    • What are the highlighters called that you used

      effie mahereffie maher10 kun oldin
    • Its my dream to have all of that stuff sorry I'm not very good at English sorry but yeah its my dream bye love all of you're video's byeee

      Zoë's Video'sZoë's Video's27 kun oldin
    • me. seriously.

      ricenugget ._.ricenugget ._.Oy oldin
    • Your ascetic notes are so good,I tried it was not the best

      Nora SawyerNora SawyerOy oldin
  • pastel dreams

    Keani CroezeKeani Croeze19 soat oldin
  • i love ur vids and these methods made my note taking for online learning SO MUCH BETTER

    Libby WilsonLibby Wilson21 soat oldin
  • Me: I wanna have some cute notes this year... My handwriting: Yeah! Sure......umm yeah, no..... By the way, this has helped me so much. Thank you, Natalie. You're amazing! 🥰 ❤️ ❤️

    Isuri WeerawickramaIsuri Weerawickrama2 kun oldin
  • Me 4 months later: pastel dreams🌈

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  • Natalie has such a good and amazing productive life👁👅👁👄👁

    Raul RuizRaul Ruiz2 kun oldin
  • Hey Natalie I really like your work and this video made journaling and Note taking soooo much cooler and more fun to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ishita's Fun WorldIshita's Fun World3 kun oldin
  • I only know how to like count in Japanese but hey at least that's something

    fayefaye3 kun oldin
  • K so my problem is that this summer my mom bought me a lot of stationary and I mean I can use them for school but I wanna look after them and also she said since she bought me so much this summer she is only gonna buy me what my school stationary list asks for so I can actually study as beautiful as you guys:(

    Haajar HassamHaajar Hassam3 kun oldin
  • Pastel dreams...

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  • Step 1: have money to buy stuff

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  • Can I get a give away or a shout out

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  • I love the color of your Cricut! 💖✨

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  • TYSM i needed to be Aesthetic lol my desk was so mesy but you made it cleaner :D

    AngleAngle5 kun oldin
  • Pastal dreams

    Nik RakNik Rak5 kun oldin
  • Don't worry girl u are not the only one who is obsessed with stationery, I am too! Btw love ur videos!!😍

    Natalie CooperNatalie Cooper5 kun oldin
  • I am going back to school after a winter break and our teachers when she grades us she checks our notebooks for lessons if we have written them and how neat they are my notebooks aren't neat and everyone says i should get them neater and improve my handwriting because it's bad. And i am currently learning Japanese too or how you would say in Japanese Nihongo

    - Luna -- Luna -5 kun oldin
  • i think she only made this video to use her beautiful pens

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  • Just imagine Natalie being your teacher🤩true heaven

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  • Love ur vids and they inspire me to keep uploading over on my channel!

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  • Whenever I try to take aesthetic notes when I'm done I always think to myself: Gosh that's ugly 😂

    Charis MathisCharis Mathis9 kun oldin
  • THANKS SO MUCH I’m about to go in middle school and I want to have neat notes.

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  • Your voice reminds me of star butterfly from svtfoe😍❤️😂

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  • Ouch l am absolutely OBSESSED with highlighters l dunno why 😅

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  • i literally want to make my writing ✨perfect✨ . my material: no.

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  • Title: Take notes FOR LAZY PEOPLE Me: THIS IS IT!

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  • Where you buy all that markers and such tings like that pls can sombody give me anset

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  • Thanks so much! I was bored of school until I found your videos. You earned a new sub! I love your channel, #natifacationsquad even though im super late.

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  • Love your nails

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  • I am obsessed with school supplies office supplies I love pens and stickers we love fun stuff I love pencils with birds on them I love talking about supplies

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  • When I'm writing my notes for school: Okay....... Not the best...... When I'm writing for fun: Why so cute?? Why you bullying me??

    Mint민트Mint민트13 kun oldin
  • 4:20

    Fiona HenderFiona Hender14 kun oldin
  • Natalie, idk if I should call you by your name or not since you're older than me in age I hope it doesn't bother you, You inspire me so much and keep me motivated! Every video about study tips you make is so satisfying and nice looking making the people watching wanting to try it out as well even if it doesn't work out for most who have bad hand writting, me as a person with a bad hand writting I'm still satisfied with the results, it makes studying clean for me, Joyful and fun so I never get bored, thank you again I'm a student in second prep. 😊✨

    Jeon JungkookJeon Jungkook14 kun oldin
  • to be honest am into calligraphy too so i have a very beautiful handwritting

    Dimercia NKASHAMADimercia NKASHAMA15 kun oldin
  • I’m learning Japanese too!

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  • Thanks for ideas!!!

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  • 00:21 And I am still in primary

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  • Hey! I love theses thing, but could you do cheaper stuff me and my family can’t afford much!

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  • natalie: using the whole page just to write titles me: breaking my leg while trying to do a pirouette

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  • natalie: has perfect handwriting me: i-

    Amaya Calleroz WhiteAmaya Calleroz White18 kun oldin
  • More ideas for title,date,headers,and DIVIDERS

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  • Her personality is ✨EVERYTHING✨

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  • anyone here in 2021 in january.

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  • This is so creative you are like a star this is really neat and impressive work this takes a lot of time to do these type of really nice aesthetic notes I just want to say this is amaizing keep up the really reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally reallyreally really good work so keep up this amaizing work

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  • I have online school at 8:00 am tomorrow- helppppppp

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  • i feel like shes like this because its a trend and shes a dead youtuber.

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  • 📚 ✨

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  • Me seeing the intro This is sponsored by staples

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  • i am a leftie my pen smudge all the time

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  • Hey natalie i love your vidoes Soooo inspiring !!! And helpful too! Anyway why did you cover your highlighters name are they mildliners??? Im asking because they highlight BEAUTIFULLY and i realy just NEED to have them so please tell me what kind of pens you used :D

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  • hiii natalie ive subbed ti your channel since like 2019 and i have a video idea for you its how to not procrastinate in online school, yeah im procrastinating in online. sry if im mispelling anything cause its 6 am where i live and its really dark

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  • Hey I see where you got these ideas from, maybe the video "How to take efficient and neat notes - 10 note taking tips" (studytee)

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  • Yessss girl✨🌈I know I am late on the video🙁But this has helped me so much thanks girl!🤩 Love ya videos🥰

    H O N E Y _H O N E Y _Oy oldin
  • Hi Natalie I think you would love this app it's called school planner you should use it it's amazing and I used to procastinate so much but this app helps me throughout I recommend it

    Muniba NafisMuniba NafisOy oldin
  • Hi! I just wanted to say that you don't have to have a bunch and bunch of supplies to take nice notes. I use a pencil, black pen, highlighter, ruler, black marker, and eraser. For the title I just write it in an all caps font with the black marker and then do a line on each side with the highlighter. (--------TITLE-------) then write the date and the lesson in the highlighter bit. for the headings, I write it out in all caps in a black pen and then highlight it. (HEADER) I then just take notes in bullet points. If your handwriting i messy, then you could skip a line when you write if you want. And I just use the pencil and eraser for diagrams. I hoped this helped and if u made to the end then thank u :)!

    Anna Le-KingAnna Le-KingOy oldin
    • OMGGGG IM SO DOING THAT!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👅👅👅👅

      a e s t e t i c s k i k ia e s t e t i c s k i k i19 kun oldin
  • you are legit SO helpful I used to take notes with just a pencil and scribble but this has helped me so much!!!

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