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13-Iyn, 2019
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This is the most vulnerable thing I’ve ever done. I feel it in my heart it is my obligation to share my story with you. I ask that you please watch the entire video for full context. I hope you can help me in spreading this message ♡
I felt it was super important to discuss this topic to my latin community. I’ve seen how skewed the perception of beauty has been growing up as a Latina and first hand seeing so many woman in my family change themselves. I want you to know, it’s a beautiful thing to be you. You are enough♡
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Thank you to these incredible woman who have also shared their stories. You have given me all the courage I needed to do this myself. We must continue to educate our community. It is our obligation to the generations to come to bring light to BII. I recommend you look into all the sources I’ve linked below.
Karissa Pukas:
Em Dunc:
Sia Cooper:
Natural Health Resources:
The Lavigne Life: (a husbands perspective on BII)
Hollyann Rose:
Phillip Defranco: What Doctors and the FDA Aren’t Telling You About The Dangers of Breast Implants…
***Facebook Group***Breast Implant Healing By Nicole
BII Aware:
Laura on Oprah 10-13-1995: (this is an interview done in 1995 by Oprah on the issues woman were experiencing with Breast Implants)
FDA ackowlegdes breast implant illness is real Harm of Medical Devices:
ICIJ: Implant Files Article
Influencers who promote plastic surgery/ injections/ etc WATCH THIS:
social media standards of beauty are toxic and plastic: a rant
The proper way to remove breast implants: What is an en-bloc total capsulectomy ?

Petition to call to action on breast implant safety- I signed!

Books/ Documentaries I recommend:
The Naked Truth About Breast Implants by Susan Kolb
Breast Implant Illness and Healing by Nicole (Facebook Group) Here you can find the study of woman who explanted one year later vs. one year prior with breast implants.
Documentary “Bleeding Edge”- talks about medical implant devices
**I HAVE YET TO READ** Informed Consent by John A. Byrne- Worked for Dow Corning and discusses the alleged cover-up behind breast implants.
The doctor I saw for my breast explant was Dr. Chun in Newport Beach. I am not affiliated in anyway with him and I do not earn anything if you decide to go see him. I HIGHLY recommend him. He is the only doctor I would trust with my life and in my particular case with my deformity. He did an amazing job, seeing how complicated my case was and the risk of me losing skin. I am very satisfied with my physical results and I am also 70% better after explanting. I recognize I had these implants in my body for over 5 years and the detoxing has just begun. I asked to be put on a cancellation list and my explant surgery was rescheduled a whole year earlier. Yes, he is a very very busy man and the list to explant is a very long one. I understand the frustration and stress you can feel knowing you want to remove them asap so that is my biggest take away from all of this on top of always trusting your surgeon. If I had decided to go under the breast fold I would probably not have skin on the left side of my breast today. ♡
If I can be of any at ALL assistance to you in anyway, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I am available through Instagram/ Twitter and you are more than welcome to DM me. I will also be doing follow up videos on this channel and even more likely my vlog channel. I am here for you ♡
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This video is not sponsored. This video is for educational purposes only and is in no way medical advice. If you choose to use this information on yourself I take no responsibility for your actions and decisions and the consequences thereof. These opinions, suggestions, and references made are based on my personal experience and is for personal study and research purposes only.

  • *I want you to know, it’s a beautiful thing to be you. You are enough♡* Timestamps for your convenience: 0:20- 4:57 (the entire video in a nutshell) 5:00 (my deformity) 8:00 (plastic surgery) 9:40 (symptoms I felt due to my implants) 15:51 (the history of breast implants) I am so grateful for everyone who has been DMing me and sending me their stories about their own insecurities, deformities and everything. I am feeling so much GRATITUDE for everyone helping me share this message. I thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️

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    • Your beautiful the way you are

      Abigail NderituAbigail Nderitu8 kun oldin
    • My mom and sister want to change the way the are on the chest not implants but smaller and with my mom I can understand why she wants to change it is because she is in pain but my sister is almost 18 and she just wants to not have any chest idk why I wish she could love her body more then she does🥺

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    • Ily so much

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    • U are so inspirational

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  • girl, 0:38 into the video and im already crying

    Zuzu SlayzZuzu Slayz6 soat oldin
  • No one should ever have to feel insecure in their body, big chest, small chest, big butt, small butt, plus size, skinny, black, white, everyone is beautiful, we all love you Natalie, when we see your videos, we click to see an organised, happy, uplifting, inspiring and most important, beautiful woman. No person In the world is not beautiful, everyone is individually amazing and beautiful in many ways, we do all have weak times where we go into mental breakdowns, it’s part of being human, but what’s important is that after dwelling, you get back up, you smile, and you be yourself cause whoever is reading this is a beautiful person and I hope they see that in themselves after watching another amazing video from Natalie

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  • you go girl! I love your channel and you are the best.

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  • It is so great that she staid strong through this

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  • I'm so happy for you

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  • Dont be embarrassed I'm on your side no matter what you are beautiful the way you are

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  • I love how she's using the implant as a stress ball😂

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  • What year did you get your surgery back to normal

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  • Noooooo bot cry

    Aliyah NajeraAliyah Najera2 kun oldin
  • I also have panic attacks... I am scared of death and sicknesses

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  • I have TB and I have to say yours look very normal to me. They don't sag too much, mine look like cow udders with HUGE aerola. My biggest fear is not being able to breastfeed. I know there is surgeries to release the constructed tissue that causes TB or possibly a breast lift. I would never get implants but I really don't want to live with these sagging breasts in my 20s :( Women with natural perky breasts have no idea how lucky they are, to feel more like a woman.

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  • I’m so sorry natalies about your self

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  • no one should go throught that alone

  • Natalie I feel so bad That she is going through this I know I'm just a random person But I want to help in any possible way I love your videos keep doing what you're doing

    Lillian LombardoLillian Lombardo3 kun oldin
  • This video is so helpful and teaches a lot of information that is very important. It sadly makes me feel more at a loss with my body. I too have tubular breast and have been thinking about a boob job for a couple years now, but the health risks are scary :( I just really hate that my boobs are the shape that they are and that there isn’t a safe solution.

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  • Something I've realized about doctors is that they tend to not notice all of the really big health problem causes. Like breast implants, food, ect.

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  • I love the Nathalie you are now!

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  • Its ok we are here for you

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  • Don't cry 😢😢😢😭😭😭

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  • The people who disliked this video just doesn’t know what she’s going through.

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  • The fact that she said “I was disgusted by what I saw in the mirror.” just killed me because of how beautiful Natalie is.

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  • We love u the way u are

    Becky CherrenBecky Cherren5 kun oldin
  • It is a beatifull story because you accepted yourshelf and it can be really hard and to put it on UZworld is amazing and it is such a lovely masseg that you have to face it and be your natular beauty. When you said :I was disgusted by what i saw in the mirror .It broke my heart cause she is so beatiful Natilies outlet if you are reading this you are so beatifull

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  • so so so so proud of u

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  • You know I hate when girls get plastic surgery for beauty but…this is something I wouldn’t hate I’m so sorry that you have felt that way you are beautiful and never forget that I’m only 11 and I hate myself so much because on the way I look but I never thought of plastic surgery and they don’t look deformed-

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  • well I love you the way you are you should always think you are beautiful just they way you are.

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  • You are asome

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  • Oh no it ok you go girl

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  • Sad so so sad

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  • I love u so much Natalie You're so strong and beautiful

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  • I actually cried😢😢😢

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  • Korea - face surgery. West - breast surgery. The society is influencing young people lives. We need more influencers who will show us how to love ourselves even if we have weaknesses. Nowadays many influencers are showing us perfect life which is not real. Surgery is to cure many diseases and save lives. It’s such a shame using it in the wrong way and harm people.

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  • No matter who you are no matter what illness you have what matters is that we are all here for you and we all love you

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  • You look amazing and don’t look deformed

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  • you got this girl

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  • your a strong woman Natalie

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  • We love you nataly no matter what you've been through or what you've looked like

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  • you are so beautiful when i hear you say "I was disgusted by what I saw in the mirror" that made me tear up

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  • I litierly cried

    Renata DaniolouRenata Daniolou8 kun oldin
  • I am so happy you listened to your heart and removed those implants . you are better off without them

    Nevaeh LukachNevaeh Lukach9 kun oldin
  • even if you feel like you dont matter if your not pretty. your right, your no pretty, your BEAUTIFAL! and just the way you are, you dont have to change a thing about yourself. we all in our diffrent ways that we are beautifal even if you dont think so, you are.

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  • Omg I am crying I just can’t watch anymore

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  • I can safely say I've learned a lot today!

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  • Natalie: *crys Me: * crys

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  • She is so strong!

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  • Natalie... don't cry.... sweetie I love you..... We will always support you

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  • I have just realized I have the same deformity as you! I felt this whole video 💗

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  • Is no one talking about her FAITH in when she said..... that she's proud about How God destined her to be

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  • Hey it is ok be brave

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  • I am so happy for you!!! I'm so glad you have Your life back!!! 🥺😂( crying of happiness)

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  • i am verry worried about tbd, do you know any things i can do to avoid having this, also what causes this. i dont know if this was mentioned but does this deformity solely affect the appearance or is it required to have cosmetic surgery

    Jane GrayJane Gray10 kun oldin
  • Natalie here is a Qoute. You are braver than you believe stronger then you seem and smarter then you think

    Samantha CastroSamantha Castro10 kun oldin
  • She is a beautiful piece of broken pottery put back together by her Brave thoughts. A critical world judges her by her cracks while missing the beauty of how she made herself whole again. -Jmstorm , with my twist

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  • Where do I find the videos on the screen

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  • 🥺

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  • You are so beautiful keep strong lots of love coming from here 💗

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  • I love Nataliies Outlet

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  • When she started crying at the start I just wanted to hug her

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  • Awwwwwwwww poor baby

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  • You are so strong Natalie we love you and I am one of you're biggest fans please give me a shoutout

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  • Let me just say this Natalie is one of the most confidant woman I have ever seen I would never have this much confidence to talk about this Natalie you have helped me get through so many things like sleep( insomnia) anxiety and many more ! I am nearly 12 and all of my friends have gotten their period gotten hair down there and they have gotten breasts I fell so left out but bye watching this video I have realized that no matter what I must love my body thank you 🙏😔❤️

    ByyxyRobloxByyxyRoblox11 kun oldin
  • I know I never had implants or anything because in still a kid but this taught me to love myself! Because I struggle with being over weight and I hated the way I look and seeing how Natalie went though so much and after everything she loved herself made me realize you don’t have to fit into the guidelines of what is considered “beautiful” sorry if that makes no sense but if you understand I’m glad! Love you Natalie! You are the most strong girl I know, know matter what you look like (always remember your BEAUTIFUL) ❤️

    Annabelle's OutletAnnabelle's Outlet11 kun oldin
  • Natalie pls love your self the way you are even imperfections are nice imma tell you some of my imperfections i have a nark on my leg that changes color by warm and cold water my eyes change color and are a little diffrent i do not have straight teeth i can get my eyes to go to 2 dierections so i have imperfections too so your not the only girl out there with imperfections!

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  • I am a girl but for some reason I like my profile pic as groom and racoon

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  • Did you have them in your marriage video

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  • May you continue to heal my love

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  • I like the way she is playing with it like a stress ball

    Sky ChallengesSky Challenges12 kun oldin
  • Natalie: I never experienced any auto immune diseases! Me over here with diabetes and celiacs disease o.o don’t mean this in a mean way!! love you natalie! ❤️ just found it kinda funny! 😂

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  • wearing bra's 4 me is uncomfortable lol

    Miranda NunezMiranda Nunez12 kun oldin
  • I support you Natalie

    Virginia GrayVirginia Gray12 kun oldin
  • I Would Actually Just Like To Appreciate That She Spoke About What Happened With Her Body. She Was Very Lucky That Her Boyfriend Supported Her Throughout All Of This. I Understand That This Must Have Been Very Nerve Racking And Scary To Talk About. She Has Always Been One Of My Idols, The Good Thing Now Is That She's Happier Then She Was Before And Feels Much Better, I Hope She Always Knows That We Are Always Here For Her And That She Helps Us Out A Lot. I Feel Lonely A Lot In Real Life But Every Single Day I Go On Her Channel And Watch Her Videos, Its Mainly The Highlight Of My Day, If You Ever See Hate Comments On Your Video's Being Rude Or Shaming You For Going Through The Deformity, Never Listen To Them Or The Voice's In Your Head Telling You Terrible Things, Count To 10 and You Feel Much Better. Thank You So Much For Being My Idol And Continue Doing What Makes You Happy! Megan x

    Shoto TodorokiShoto Todoroki12 kun oldin
  • You must have been so strong 😀😀😀😀 and not a lot of guys would have stayed with you / girl power!

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  • You are beautiful just the way you are!

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  • You don’t have to worry I love you 😘

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  • 😭 it’s ok I support you all the way 🥺

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  • It breaks my heart to see Natalie cry because she is such and beautiful and strong person. Stay strong we love you all.

    Watch out for MiaWatch out for Mia13 kun oldin
  • I’m so sorry for you Natalie you’re very lucky to Denis who cares about you

    Simerjit SandhuGillSimerjit SandhuGill13 kun oldin
  • Me I wish I was flat I got a chest in the first grade because I am kinda fat

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  • Thank you Natalie for the inspiration ❤ .

  • I had beautiful round boobs until I breastfeed my 2kids..😭😭my chest is now flat.....the other parts of my body are very sexy (well,this I know) I feel very confident and sexy in any outfit until I take off my bra...and I've been thinking of getting a boob job done...I don't know what to do. . confused

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  • We all love you it is ok

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  • Natalie just know you will be okay 👑We are here to support you!! I love you :)

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  • Natalie it's okay it doesn't matter what you look like to anyone else it only matters what you see in the mirror just keep thinking good girl and you'll be the best Rockstar ever

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  • Wow i’m so inspired by you you’re so beautiful I’m glad you got the implant out and felt yourself again you’re so brave we always be on your side have a nice day Natalie

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