Productivity Life Hacks for LAZY people!

26-Mar, 2020
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25 Beauty Hacks I ACTUALLY Use!
10 Habits That Helped Me Get My Life Together!
Life Hacks No One Told You
I Tried An Electric Shock Bracelet To Fix My Sleep Schedule
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  • Hi Outties! 🙂Happy day! 🌈don’t forget to download this “daily checklist” I created just for YOU!💖 Tag me on IG to give you a shoutout!💫

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    • Thanks dear. I love ur videos very much😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    • U Should Watch Teen Wolf And Locke& Key, There Really Good Shows I Love Them

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    • Thank you You are the best

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    • Omg!!! You help me sooooo much!

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  • Natalie you need to watch "New Girl" you will love it

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  • Hi Why r u still here U again go ;/ GO

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  • I love your UZworld videos I'm Alisha from Pakistan and I'm 9 years old nice to meet you

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  • You are saying not to use your phone

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  • Has anyone wondered who Type Hailey is? I don't have socials so I'm curious.

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  • Love you Natalies 😍 your channel is my most favorite channel in the world 😋😋😊😊😊☺☺☺☺😘🌎🌍🌏🌐

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  • I never actually make anything even as simple as cereal for breakfast lol. I throw a banana, an apple, and some orange juice in the blender and take it to go. Anyone who knows me knows that i wait until the last minute to get out of bed lol

    Stella MoritzStella Moritz3 kun oldin
  • Can you do certain apps that are free but can help you be productive

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  • Natalie won’t reply but I love you and your videos!!!

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  • could you pls do more sleep related colouring pages pls??? thank you #natificationsquad

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  • Please make video about how to do all of your goals on your main schedule

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  • Can you get me some funny funny one because of Covid

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  • A good recommendation for you is Good Girls on NETFLIX

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  • Is this just me : wake up tired :go to school tired : eat lunch tired : do homework tired : eat dinner tired : gets ready for bed pumped and ready for the day like you drank 20000 coffees

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  • Your to-do list is amazing printing it out everyday

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  • love your videos

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  • Thank you so much for these life hacks! I am usually lazy and this helped out lot.

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  • Hi, you are so sweet

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  • Natalie: Wakes up at 6:AM in daylight and birds chirping Me: Wakes up at 6:AM and I can’t even open my windows yet cause it’s pitch black still outside, it’s freezing like an ice box and the birds have probably migrated

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  • Hi, Who's watching this in 2021?

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  • I love how she actually gives you a choice to press the like button or the thumbs down button

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  • I’m a clean freak so the idea of somebody forgetting to wash their hands makes me wanna throw up.

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  • I love how she is honest about letting you hit thumbs down🙁even though I hit the like button every time!😄

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  • Jupiter is my favourite 🤩

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  • I may be late but look, if your reading this I know your watching this video to see the hacks and get ideas am I right? Well I can relate i’m also here don’t be shy🤣😂✨

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  • ty for the help

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  • Can you make. Some more videos of productivity and school

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  • Hey alton Brown is also the host in cutthroat kitchen

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  • I love the productive lists and hacks cause they inspire me to do better at being productive

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  • If i were Natalie I would say grateful for those pjs they look so comfy!!! ❤ur vids natalieee

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  • Love your vidoes

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  • I know I'm very late but you can try watching riverdale,stranger things,glee,vampire diaries,originals,the legacies,friends,on my block,Brooklyn 99,Gilmore girls, Alexa and Katie ,babysitter's club,fuller house,Julie and the phantoms(I know some of them are for small kids , but they are feel good shows and I think that's what we all need.).

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  • Sister sister is a good series it’s not a movie though

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  • Her: I have a lot of highlighters makers, and sticky note Me: the one pen I stole from a friend a year ago

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  • U help so much in my daily life

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  • Hi random human scrolling through da comments,hope ur day didn't suck & if it did,it'll get better😁 Btw read my name :D

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  • Lost in space LAST SEASON IS COMING!

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  • These hacks are really helpful they are awesome!!! Thanks so much Natalie! Love you

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  • You know i am very lazy😩😩😩😩😩😩

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  • Hi natelie i want to ask plz make a onlinish routine well productive routine but other then tht love love ur vids

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