Room Makeover Ideas to Inspire Productivity & Organization!

5-Avg, 2020
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Makeover your room & life to be more organized, efficient and aesthetically pleasing with these simple tricks and gadgets! Thanks to SoFi for sponsoring a portion of this video.
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  • Hi Outties! 🌈Time Codes for your convenience 🙂 0:55 - Clear Containers 1:19 - Money Organization 3:05 - Drawer Dividers 3:30 - Bed Drawers 3:53 - Wall Storage 4:30 - Digital Storage 5:14 - App Customization 6:08 - Receipt Organization 6:55 - Lazy Susan 7:22 - Can Rack/ Pantry Organization 9:40 - Seating Areas 10:00 - Shelves

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    • Can you do a makeup tour

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    • Wait did u het them on Amazon pl like some of the things pl?

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  • Step one: have money

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  • Make an actual room renovation video

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  • This was really helpful thank you Natalie! Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰

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    • i've seen you everywhere on room decor videos lmao

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  • Natalie 's obsession - stationery Dennis 's obsession - shoes

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  • Natalie 's obsession - stationery Dennis 's obsession - shoes

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  • this video was posted the exact day my cousin was shot in the stomach by a gun and went into the hospital for 2 and a half months- he’s better now tho

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  • The tray idea for daily jewelry is such a good one! I had never used one before and felt like I was always digging through a bunch of stuff and often picking out the same items several days in a row. My sister got me a beautiful dish that says "RELAX" on it and I keep daily jewelry, watch, and keys there now and it saves me so much time, plus wonderful to get a little reminder to relax and not stress whenever you grab something!

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  • @Natalies Outlet you inspired me to makeover my room. 2020 has been a lot of things to me, I’ve faced sickness, death, heart break, love, loss of jobs, starting of new business, depression, happiness, loneliness and pure joy. But one of the biggest things that helped me to get to the latter was CLEANING MY ROOM. I’m almost embarrassed to to show before pictures of my room, but it clearly showed me the neglect I had from just going from job to job and not even having a single moment in the day that was just for self care or for even folding a shirt. I hadn’t even realized how bad my room had gotten until I cleared everything out of my room and was forced to look at the things that were holding me back in life that I clearly just needed to LET GO of. I didn’t just start letting go of trash and broken furniture, but I started to let go of busiest and people that were just taking up space and energy in my life. This EXTREME ROOM MAKEOVER was the start of not only cleaning out my whole house but clearing up my SKIN and focusing on my SELF CARE and paying more attention to my family and the people who needed me to be PRESENT not just physically, but mentally as well. This QUARANTINE started off as the scariest, loneliest, darkness yet most Cleansing moments in my life to begin MANIFESTING MY DESTINY. Please WATCH my video, SUBSCRIBE to my UZworld and Share the video. My next journey is my skin, my health, my wealth and I’m sharing my journey with you all to let you all know that anything is possible with God. With Love @keilahg #G-Lover

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  • Dear Natalie, I am an 11 year old that suffers from anxiety, depression and social anxiety. You are my fave youtuber! Thank you for supporting me and making me feel better in suicidal times. I love this sort of video and the morning routines! You always make me look on the positive side and make me stay close to god. All I can say is *thank you so so very much*

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    • @candy floss Thank you. I recently turned 12 in fact!

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    • your only 11? it's ok things will get better

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    • Stay strong....Sending love and prayers your way

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    • Hi, I just want to tell you that trust me it gets easier! Stay strong! Life isn’t easy but it’s worth living. One day in the far future you will look back on when you were eleven and think “wow, I’m so glad I chose to live because if I didn’t then I would have missed out on all of this” ily, stay strong!

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