Testing Weird Weight Loss Gadgets for LAZY PEOPLE! (no strict diets or workout)

10-Noy, 2020
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Want to get a workout in without actually working out? Me too 🥔#potatoesunite Let's put these viral amazon Workout-less work out products to the test!♡ 🌈 Thanks to Fabletics for sponsoring this video! www.fabletics.com/NataliesOutletYT
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  • U know i have that back posture thing but i have that attached with my stomach and by that but idk if it helps my back or not but cause its attached to my stomach so i definitely feel my stomach tucking in and now i eat much less as my stomach is tucked in

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  • We use a vibration platform for blood circulation. It is great for anyone with blood pulling and circulation issues. 🩸

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  • There's a better way to lose weight : greenlife.gr8.com

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